5 Tips to Stand Out from 11 Products on AliExpress and Get the Best Price

Like every year, there are two good opportunities to buy things cheaper in November: on the one hand is the well-known Black Friday, and on the other hand is the 11th on the 11th. They are not equivalent and often do not have the same products, are on sale, or are not exactly the same.

11.11, also known as “Singles’ Day”, is an Asian celebration that has been fully implemented in Spain and Latin America thanks to stores such as AliExpress, which offer discount coupons and the opportunity to buy goods at much lower prices than others Shop a variety of products at any day’s prices. Year.

Of course, if you want to get a real bargain, you’ll have to put in a little more effort, like checking out Amazon to see what’s on sale. On AliExpress, good offers are associated with discount codes that may be used up, yes orand there are other factors to consider.

AliExpress selection

AliExpress selection

AliExpress Choice has thousands of products with fast shipping from Spain and local returns in as little as five days.

View Select Catalog

It’s true that there are so many items marked down on the 11th that it’s likely you’ll stumble upon a bargain, but if you want to make the most of this event, here are five tips to do it like a pro.

  1. Search AliExpress Selection
  2. New account has surprises
  3. Be the first to grab the deal and add the items you want to your cart
  4. Keep an eye out for coupons and use them quickly
  5. Apps, better than the web

Always the best choice product

AliExpress selection


About a year ago, AliExpress launched in Spain “Choice”, a section on its website, a seal that contains several guarantees appreciated by our users.

We are mainly talking about products that are already in Spanish warehouses, with guaranteed delivery within five working days and fast local returns. Not only that, shipping is free for orders over 10 euros.

With all this It is recommended that if you want to purchase products at 11 on 11, be sure to choose products with the Choice labelso you can buy items from home faster and without having to go through customs.

Choice will undoubtedly become one of the protagonists of Singles’ Day in 2023.

Even better if you have a new account

Discount welcome to AliExpress

For those who have newly opened an AliExpress account and haven’t placed an order yet, there is a small gift from the store: a welcome discount. With it, you can buy some products cheaper.

If you’re on a clean account, it’s worth checking to see if the deals you think you find on Singles’ Day will be marked down by more, just in case.

Add product to cart now

AliExpress App


If you go to AliExpress now, you will see that many products, almost all of them, already have prices displayed during the 11th 11th period. This means you can prepare now and see what interests you.
This way, you can add the items you want to buy to your shopping cart to speed up the entire process when the offer starts. Here’s a way to apply a discount code and get your hands on a device before inventory sells out.

These are the coupons you should use



Now let’s look at the main key, the basic tip of 11 of 11, which is that you have to control the coupons and apply them to the products in your cart, if you have put your favorite products in the basket , is better better.

These coupons always have a limited use, so you have to use them quickly before they run out.

Yes, these AliExpress Double Eleven discount codes are tied to a minimum spend.

  1. ES15: 15 euros discount on purchases over 100 euros
  2. ES30: 30 euro discount for purchases over 200 euros
  3. ES50: 50 euro discount for purchases over 300 euros
  4. ES100: 100 euros discount on purchases over 500 euros
  5. D11ES08: 8 euros discount for purchases over 50 euros
  6. D11ES40: 40 euros discount for purchases over 250 euros

Using apps is better than using the web

AliExpress App

If you are a regular user of AliExpress, you will notice that the website and app are not the same or even look similar. They generally have the same price, but the interfaces of the iOS and Android apps are much better.

The store will also be doing the rest during the 11th, there will be games, roulette and various raffles in its app for even more discounts, so it’s best to keep an eye out to see if there are any gifts All will fall.

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