5 unmistakable Fragrances at a truly unique price!

Often and willingly you can find small olfactory jewels at prices that are nothing short of phenomenal. Don’t believe it? Read this guide to discover 5 fragrances that will blow your mind and smell beautifully intoxicating… without breaking the bank!

Perfumes for all Pockets: 5 unmistakable Fragrances at a truly unique price!

They are the never-again-without invisible accessories that give character more than an outfit studied in detail, they are the touch that awakens the senses and leaves an indelible mark in the thoughts of others, they are the clear expression of what each of us has of unique: let’s talk about perfumes, the essential extra detail that never goes unnoticed. However, the high price is not always synonymous with quality, often it is possible to find small olfactory jewels, at prices that are nothing short of phenomenal. Don’t believe it? Read this guide to discover 5 fragrances that will blow your mind and smell beautifully intoxicating… without breaking the bank!

Chopard, Casmir: among the most intense and enveloping perfumes

chopard cashmere

Treat your senses to a literally luxurious experience. The eau de parfum for women Chopard Cashmir it will embrace you in a warm oriental fragrance that will make you feel as if you were wrapped in a luxurious cashmere scarf. Kasmir it was the first fragrance to combine the richness of oriental accords with the freshness of fruity notes, releasing into the air essences that seem to come from the Far East and which envelop anyone who chooses to wear it in a fascinating mystery. The top notes are represented by a mix of sweet fruits such as peach, bergamot and mango, followed by the fresher and more sparkling notes of mandarin, cinnamon and cloves, and the more sophisticated and exotic ones of sandalwood, musk, amber and patchouli. All linked and sweetened by an intense vanilla accord. To try! You can find it on Note: 100 ml at 23.20 euros.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Signorina: born to describe the joie de vivre of women


The scent Miss in bloom of Salvatore Ferragamo it’s good, feminine, fruity and floral and super cheap. Grapefruit and cherry blossom are the main protagonists. It’s light, sweet, and shimmery, and has a clean, fresh undertone. Perfect for young and self-confident souls, it performs particularly well, like any fragrance for that matter, on freshly washed, hydrated and cleansed skin. Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina eau de toilette, created by perfumers Sophie Labbe and Juliette Karagueuzoglou, has been enchanting since 2012. The smell seeks to describe the joie de vivre of happy women and, to this day, continues to captivate modern women with its bold vivacity expressed through sophisticated and contemporary tones. 100 ml at 44.50 euros on Notino.

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Ariana Grande Cloud: among the perfumes that drive GenZ crazy

ariana grande perfume

Sweet and playfulthis perfume of Ariana Grande it has a cartoon packaging that appeals to very young girls and a jus that really makes everyone fall in love with it. It is fully part of the beauty products that have become famous thanks to TikTok, offers an opening of lavender, pear and bergamot, followed by a mouth-watering heart of coconut whipped cream, delicious praline and exotic vanilla. The composition closes with a background of musk and cashmere. It is a seductive fragrance that will overwhelm your senses in a truly original experience. In short, a perfume that will transport you to distant places where you can enjoy sensations of pure happiness and infinite positivity. In the 100 ml format it costs 67.99 euros from Douglas.

Vera Wang Princess: to celebrate a young and romantic femininity


A perfume for real princesses: elegant, full of joy but also mysterious. The modern and energetic tones of the women’s eau de toilette Vera Wang Princess they awaken in us all the characteristics we would like to have in order to become the person we want to be. A fragrance that, with its romantic floral notes filled with a fresh and young femininity, can gently pamper your soul all year round. The top notes of her bring aquatic and fresh nuances with pure and sharp notes of water lily, apple, slightly sweet mandarin and apricot. Her heart is instead composed of the intensity of exotic guava, Tiare flower, tuberose, with a touch of dark chocolate. And what about the base notes? Delicious and enveloping powdery notes of vanilla, amber and wood. The bottle looks like a heart-shaped jewel, very fine and elegant, a symbol of magical and romantic charm in lilac tones. 100 ml at 30.00 euros on Note.

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Nabeel, Nabeel Water: an Arabian perfume with a competitive quality-price ratio


Nabeel perfumes establishes itself as an important Arabic brand in the magical world of fragrances thanks to its dedication and consistency in always offering the best quality of perfumes boasting an aesthetic packaging, unique flacons and exceptional value for money. Here then is a luxurious and aromatic fragrance of the brand: Nabeel Water. This eau opens with enveloping top notes of incense and fresh, vibrant notes of cinnamon, cardamom and star anise, before moving to woody and amber heart notes that include coconut, iris and rose. A delicate fragrance, non-invasive but very persistent and at a very competitive price! 100 ml for only 30.00 euros.

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