60 seconds with Jonas Blue

The British DJ and producer, the new remixes of his latest hit, his hobbies and his relationship with social media. And the mistake would not make again

The British DJ and producer has long been a member of Spotify’s restricted Billions Club Jonas Blues has been able to nail one hit and one remix after another, from the cover of ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman to remixes for stars such as Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. His 2023 started in the best way, with sold out evenings in London and Tokyo and residencies in Atlantic City and Las Vegas: good reception also for the recent remixes of his latest hit ‘Weekends’, co-produced with Felix Jaehn, remixes by Anton Powers and Azello. It’s time for your answers in 60 seconds.

The first record you bought?
‘My Feelings’ by Junior Jack on Defected (1999).

Your idol when you were starting out?
Bob Sinclar.

If you hadn’t become a producer now you would be…
I would still work in music, if not on the artistic front then on the business front.

What jobs did you do before becoming a full time producer and sound designer?
I’ve always been a DJ. I started when I was eleven: I had birthdays, weddings, 18ths… And in the meantime I worked in a record store.

The craziest thing you did with your first money from music?
Nothing crazy. As soon as I could, I bought better dj equipment than I had.

Your favorite TV series?
Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Your relationship with social media?
A constant job.

Your hobbies?
Music, driving epic cars, gymnastics.

What do you suggest to young people who want to become DJs and producers?
Only do it if you love to play and make people dance. Forget everything else.

A mistake you wouldn’t make again?
Cut ties with some people.

The best choice of your life?
Having pursued my dreams and my passions.


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