7 of Doja Cat’s Most Controversial Moments Ever, From a Sam Hyde T-shirt and an offensive take on Filipino food to feuding with Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp and calling Covid the “flu”

Doja Cat, born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, is one of the hottest and most fashionable acts in the modern pop music industry, is known for hits such as “Kiss Me More” and “Woman” from her hit 2021 album. Planet She. But her musical achievements are often the focus of the many controversies she is associated with.
Doja Cat poses on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards in Newark, New Jersey, USA on September 12. Photo: EPA-EFE.

The Grammy-winning rapper, known for her online antics, takes on the role of a so-called “b*** poster,” often sharing provocative and nonsensical messages on social media. And while this behavior has helped the 27-year-old gain an audience and amplify her music over the years, it has also sparked significant backlash, including her reportedly losing half a million Instagram followers in a month after she came out publicly. made fun of her fans. .

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This influence was felt when Scarlether latest album, debuted at a lower-than-expected No. 4 on the Billboard 200 albums chart in the US, despite its lead single “Paint the Town Red” topping the Billboard Hot 100.

Doja Cat is known for her bold and quirky ensembles. Photo: @dojacat/Instagram

Doja Cat’s career is littered with controversy, from racial and homophobic slurs to trolling fans, creating a complicated success story, and scandals. So how will an artist’s reputation affect her future in the music industry?

Let’s take a closer look at seven of Dodge Cat’s most problematic moments ever.

1. Downplaying Covid-19 by calling it “the flu”

Doja Cat attends the 65th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, USA on February 5. Photo: Reuters

In March 2020—the month the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a global pandemic—Doja Cat sparked outrage during an Instagram Live session where she mocked those fighting the coronavirus. The rapper disparagingly compared the deadly virus, which has claimed nearly 7 million lives to date, to the flu, declaring: “I’m going to get corona and then I’m going to get corona because I don’t give a damn.” ** about the crown. Bitch, it’s the flu. I’m not afraid. You’re all awesome, period.

She contracted the virus in July 2020 and again in December 2021.

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2. Alt-right chats and racist slurs

Doja Cat’s fourth studio album, Scarlet, was released in September. Photo: @dojacat/Instagram

In May 2020, Doja Cat found herself at the center of another scandal, this time for using an offensive term in a 2015 song. The uproar began when an old track called “Dindu Nuffin” resurfaced, using the term to ridicule black victims. police brutality – following the George Floyd protests and the Black Lives Matter movement in May and June 2020.

Doja Cat publicly apologized for using the term, explaining that she learned it from spending too much time in alt-right chat rooms as a teenager. But that wasn’t enough to stop the hashtag #DojaCatIsOverParty from trending online.

3. Her feud with Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp plays Will Byers in the Netflix sci-fi horror series Stranger Things. Photo: @noahschnapp/Instagram
In July 2022, actor Noah Schnapp got into a tense altercation. popular Netflix series Stranger Things and Doja Cat on social media. Schnapp, known for his role as Will Byers, shared a screenshot of a private conversation with the rapper and singer on TikTok, revealing that she asked him to help introduce him to his co-star Joseph Quinn.

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Doja Cat, who had publicly expressed her admiration for Quinn, launched a verbal attack on Schnapp, who was just 17 years old at the time, calling him a “snake” and a “weasel.” The aggressive interaction drew public attention, raising questions about Doja Cat’s decision to ask the teen to be her wingman. Doja Cat responded to the outrage by tweeting, “Y’all are so pathetic and lame and no one wants to hang you up so y’all are here unironically responding to the shit that pisses you off.”

4. Meeting disgraced Twitch streamer Jay Cyrus

In July, comedian and Twitch streamer Jay Cyrus faced renewed allegations that he emotionally abused followers and moderators on the live-streaming platform. Photo: Getty Images
Throughout her career, Doja Cat has raised eyebrows with her decision to collaborate with people like Chris Brown and Dr. Luke, both faced credible allegations of abuse. This controversy reached a boiling point in November 2022 when news broke of Doja Cat’s relationship with embattled Twitch streamer Jay Cyrus.

In 2019 and 2020, several users of the live streaming gaming platform accused Cyrus of emotional abuse and manipulation. Since the accusers were mostly female subscribers and moderators who were significantly younger than the streamer, Cyrus issued a lengthy apology, seemingly acknowledging his inappropriate and predatory behavior.

5. Attacking fans before the release of his fourth album

Doja Cat wears a Cash Cow crop top as seen in the video for “Demons” from her new album. Photo: @dojacat/Instagram

Tensions came to a head in July when Doja Cat, visibly upset, lashed out at fans in the comments section, calling them overly involved in her personal affairs. “If you call yourself a ‘kitten’ or a damn ‘kitten’ (a term for Doja Cat fans), that means you need to get off your phone, get a job and help your parents around the house,” she argued.

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This rift deepened when a fan expressed her desire to hear “I love you” to her fans. Doja Cat retorted, “I don’t know because I don’t even know y’all.” She went on to call another fan a “crazy person” after they highlighted the unwavering support she received “no matter what” from her followers.

Doja Cat’s fashion sense often veers into the realm of weirdness. Photo: @dojacat/Instagram

The horrific incident resulted in the artist reportedly losing as many as 500,000 followers on Instagram, although she still boasts a whopping 24.4 million followers.

6. Another offensive song title

In April, shoe brand Skechers named Doja Cat as its first artist-in-residence. Photo: @dojacat/Instagram

After the release of her new album in September, many Filipinos noted that she named one of her tracks “Balut,” a popular street food in the Philippines. “I named the song ‘Balut’ because it means a bird that is eaten alive,” she explained in an Instagram Story.

This explanation offended many Filipinos who noted that balut This is not a live bird, but an embryo that is cooked before being eaten.

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7. Alt-Right Fashion Moment

Doja Cat’s latest controversy erupted on Oct. 6 when she wore a T-shirt featuring controversial internet comedian Sam Hyde clutching a rifle in a photo posted to Instagram.

Fans were quick to voice their concerns, criticizing her apparent support for a figure notorious for his racist and sexist views. In response, Doja Cat simply reposted the photo, this time cutting out the controversial image, and paired it with a caption that included some awesome emojis.

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