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Capital Legends they also go crazy in music: Paul McCartney is dead and replaced by a doppelgänger. Elvis lives and fights with us, but on a tropical island. Tupac Shakur, who was never really killed. Avril Lavigne, who was actually going to be replaced by years a certain Melissa Vandella. Raise your hand if you haven’t heard at least one of the above urban legends. It is clear that in these folklore interpretations of reality to be honest, there is nothing true and even probable in this. However, pop music fans – or at least the well-nourished part of them – can’t help but release new and increasingly quirky fans. And since summer is the season for detective stories to devour under an umbrella and binge listen to true crime podcasts, let’s add some thrill more and we offer you an overview of our favorites.

Killers Unpunished: The Ohio Players

Among the most curious and incredible crimes that could be committed in the name of music, there is one concerning 1975 track released by cult funk band, Ohio Players. According to conspiracy theorists, at 1 minute 24 minutes of the single love rollercoaster – or at 2’32” if you’re listening to the extended version contained on the album – the screams of model Esther Cordet, murdered in the alley behind the studio, will be heard. The alleged motive is incredible. Former playmate covered in warm honey for an album cover she would burn: Then he threatened to sue her, and in order to permanently silence her, the band’s manager stabbed her to death. of course the reality is much less impressive: We are talking about the screams of keyboardist Billy Beck, who mimics the thrill of a steep rollercoaster descent. Cordet, however, is still alive and well..

Katy Perry or JonBenet Ramsey?

JonBenet Ramsey stars in one of the the most famous news in the USA: beauty queen babe and winner of several local talent shows, fu killed at age six in 1996and the crime is still there unsolved. Or rather, according to some, there was no crime, since, according to numerous videos circulating on YouTubein fact the JonBenet family would decide make the little girl disappear and isolate her so she can better focus on striving for successonly to reappear years later under a new name: Katy Perry. “Evidence” will circulate in Perry’s video clips and lyrics, which contain numerous references to the phantom rebirth and will obviously also be evident due to the similarities between the two. The person concerned, who was questioned about this on the red carpet of the 2017 MTV VMAs, she even had to refute the theory (as if, for example, the fact that JonBenet was six years younger than Perry wasn’t enough to make that unlikely), but there are still those who are still strongly convinced of this.

Miley Cyrus clone

Remember episode From Black mirror in which Miley Cyrus plays teen idol Ashley Ohthat grows too fast and then is put into a medically induced coma and replaced by robots, artificial intelligence and holograms? Well, maybe not everyone knows this. inspired by real events. Or rather actually urban legends circulate. Listen to these legends, when Miley stopped playing Hannah Montana in 2010 and radically changed direction, adopting a sexy and transgressive image, Disney would not have taken it well: after the first months of her “adult” career, too unfair to the reputation of the corporation, the executives allegedly decided to kill her and replace her with a reprogrammed clone, bringing her back to the image that, yes, she’s less soap and water than Disney’s Miley, but at least she’s a little more moderate than the rider who rode naked on the wrecking ball. However, judging by the number of former Disney stars who have dabbled in sex, drugs, and rock and roll, it’s unclear why they only did it to her…

Very bad Taylor Swift

A pure Taylor Swift – or rather, the one we know as Taylor Swift – would be clone. In this case, not by itself, but Zina LaVey, daughter of Anton LaVey, founder of the famous Church of Satan and, in turn, was a priestess of the same sect until 1990, when she left her and devoted herself to Tantric Buddhism. The hypothesis is based on striking resemblance between the twobut as usual, it’s leaking all over the place, especially since Zeena LaVey is still alive and would probably say something if she were cloned and recognized as the most famous pop star of the time. her doppelgänger.

Britney Spears is a weapon of mass distraction

most famous breakdown pop history belongs to Britney Spears, who in 2007 he shaved his head in front of a lot of paparazzi, and then put an umbrella over their cars parked outside the hairdresser. What you may not know is that (at least according to the rumors circulating on the net) it will not be about a nervous breakdown at all, but about a theatrical coup commissioned by his boss, President George W. Bush.. Yes, because there are those who are convinced that at that time Britney was an undercover CIA agent and that, given that Bush’s popularity was plummeting due to his continued setbacks in the war on terror, the agency would have ordered Britney to make a startling gesture so that television and newspapers would stop focusing on him and do something else. What to say? If yes, then mission accomplished as we are still talking about this haircut.

Beyoncé’s family relationships

During her career, Beyoncé Knowles she collected more urban legends than sparkly outfits: impossible to include all. However, one of the most persistent questions concerns Solang’s younger sisterand also a singer who, according to those in the know – so to speak – would really be her secret daughter. The theory finds its supporters, who are deeply convinced that Beyoncé was born in 1974, and not in 1981, and therefore she is now almost fifty years old, and not 42, as claimed: before the debut, Beyoncé’s family would have made her reduce age on birth certificate by bribing a registry office official, all to cover up a teenage pregnancy that caused her to give birth to Solange when she was only twelve (Solange was born in 1986). Despite thousands of archival footage depicting Bay as a 90s kid on stage at numerous talent shows, that these will be cleverly planned hoaxes.

Jay-Z is immortal

Could Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s husband, be lost in this review of conspiracies and mysteries? Absolutely not. For years he has been accused of being a Freemason and a member of the Illuminati, and he he likes to troll gullible people by imitating Masonic symbols or close one eye during speeches. On the other hand, he would have had enough time to laugh at fans and detractors, given that his adherence to the sect it would give him immortality. In fact, a few years ago, the New York Public Library published a collection of 1930s Harlem photographs, and to everyone’s surprise (including archivists who guarantee the image’s authenticity and untouchedness), it came out. one made in 1939which depicts a man looks like Jay-Z. Naturally, the person concerned has never commented: why refute rumors when you can arm yourself with popcorn and read the comments?

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