7 years after Kobe Bryant’s advice helped him win gold, Kyrie Irving recreates the iconic Mamba moment against Michael B. Jordan

Kobe Bryant stories never get old in the world of basketball. Arguably one of the greatest players to ever grace the game, Kobe left a lasting impact on the sport. Like any other great athlete, there are students who try to follow in their footsteps. In the case of the Black Mamba, Kyrie Irving is such a student among many others.

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Irving’s love for the late legend knows no bounds, and he recently showcased his own version of the iconic legend. “Mamba Moment”. Currently in Abu Dhabi, the 31-year-old recreated one of Kobe’s most iconic moments against Creed actor Michael B. Jordan.

Kyrie Irving channels his inner Mamba


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Millions of people around the world are inspired by the greatness of Kobe. Although the number is too large to count, Irving boasts a unique achievement that few people know about. The eight-time All-Star had a special relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers legend. In fact, Kobe once went on record as saying that Irving is the closest person to him in the league.

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Much like his own story, Kobe admired Michael Jordan and then went on to pursue his idol in his quest to become great. Kobe admitted that he sees something special in Irving.

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Living up to his hero’s praises, the Dallas Mavericks star took on the challenge. After B. Jordan extended the free throw, Irving quickly responded to it. Although, oddly enough, he used his left hand to throw, which is similar to what Kobe has done in the past. One day, the five-time NBA champion reattached his rotator cuff, forcing him to sit out the game. But being the mental monster he was known for, Kobe didn’t let this injury stop him and continued to play left-handed.

Irving recreates his hero’s signature moment for himself, a welcome sight for hoops fans. Although Michael B. Jordan was declared the winner of their bout, the 31-year-old’s left-handed attempts were an iconic sight.


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Kyrie Irving’s Locker Room Facetime with Kobe Bryant

When the Cleveland Cavaliers lost 3-1 in the finals, Kobe gave Irving some advice. Although he did start by saying the Cavs might not be able to advance, which only fueled Irving’s hunger to win. After all, it was about showing your idol that he had every trick in his book. When the Cavaliers pulled off one of the biggest surprises in NBA history, the Lakers legend received a Facetime message from his player.

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Drenched in champagne in the locker room, Irving told Kobe:Dude, it worked, your advice worked. The 18-time All-Star marveled at Irving’s talent and smiled widely as he recalled the Facetime after the Finals.

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