72-year-old Evelyn Scheidl “walks” the runway like never before

Evelyn Scheidl at the Haute Couture Week show at the Museum of Decorative Arts. Buenos Aires, September 20, 2023.

Evelyn Scheidl at the Haute Couture Week show at the Museum of Decorative Arts. Buenos Aires, September 20, 2023. – Credits: @Noelia Guevara

“There used to be no cult of thinness and no surgery. None of us had cellulite. We ate well and even in restaurants the food was homemade,” he describes. Evelyn Scheidel (born Evelina Elena Scheidel) nation Remember that time as a girl who climbed all the trees in the neighborhood where she grew up in Maravo, in the San Martin district, she loved playing with men, she loved playing with men. She eventually became one of Argentina’s most recognized high fashion models.

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“There was a large Austrian and German community in Maravo; I lived there until I got married at the age of 26. Selling flowers on the street with friends in the spring and lemonade in the summer was very much a neighborhood custom of that era. When When my parents (who are of Austrian origin) died, the house was sold,” he said. Evelyn And he spares no time in recounting the medium as he looks back on his own path in life.

Evelyn Scheidl knows fashion shows, her phone keeps ringing: she had everyone's attention at the Haute Couture Week show at the Museum of Decorative Arts

Evelyn Scheidl knows fashion shows and her phone can’t stop ringing: she had everyone’s attention at the Haute Couture Week show at the Museum of Decorative Arts – Photo: @NOELIA MARCIA GUEVARA/ AFV

“I studied at Hölters Schule in primary and secondary school. Then I worked in journalism for three years at the Mariano Moreno Institute, but I started doing a lot of modeling work and then stopped. I regret it because if he was welcome I, mostly work in television, and that would be great. But the whirlwind of work doesn’t allow for that,” he said with characteristic simplicity after dazzling on the runway. Be one of those summoned by Laurencio Adot for Haute Couture Week at the Museum of Decorative Arts. Her agenda is marked by endless continuity with fashion shows and events with other fashion superstars, which require her participation and which she enjoys. “I still allow myself this luxury and it fascinates me,” said the 72-year-old, who is more relevant than ever.

Evelyn Scheidl showed off her flair in a sheer blue outfit at the Haute Couture Week show

Evelyn Scheidl showed off her talents in an all-blue outfit at the Haute Couture Week show – Photo Credit: @NOELIA MARCIA GUEVARA/ AFV

He likes to talk about his childhood and adolescence: “The reference figure in those years was Nadia Comaneci. I want to be a physical education teachershe has practiced track and field, received training, long jump, high jump, 100-meter flat run, parallel running, rhythmic gymnastics, classical dance for ten years, a real athlete, Hahaha“.

Evelyn Scheidl at the Haute Couture Week show at the Museum of Decorative Arts. Buenos Aires, September 20, 2023.

Evelyn Scheidl at the Haute Couture Week show at the Museum of Decorative Arts. Buenos Aires, September 20, 2023. – Credits: @NOELIA MARCIA GUEVARA/ AFV

Then, a defining moment in her life came when her mother, a close friend of Karin Pistarini, president of the Argentinian Model Association, pulled her close, “so that her femininity will be more prominent.” “He talks to her because he values ​​me Manliness He took me under his wing. I remember I arrived on a Monday and on Saturday they took me to Channel 11 for the game. Miss Argentina. The selection was made on Sunday and I won. excellent! I was shocked. Many girls have been attending classes since September/October. That was March 1971. I was crowned by Mirta Massa, with whom I eventually became close friends. She was dating my husband’s brother at the time.From there I went non-stop to Los Angeles, which I couldn’t believe I chose. Miss Beauty International. There I finished eighth, but I didn’t stop working…”, he points out Prosperity unimaginable

Evelyn Scheidl, the up-and-coming Miss Argentina

Evelyn Scheidl, the up-and-coming Miss Argentina

-I’ve been thinking about what you mentioned at the beginning about cellulite…

-I swear to you, this is a non-existent topic. To me, based on our experience at the time, this was a unique nutritional issue. I don’t mean the food, but the chemicals that make up the food. Nothing is natural today. Even if you go out to eat, everything is homemade. I don’t remember friends and colleagues who had cellulite. Didn’t see it on the beach either. I am no longer as obsessed with the body as I am now, and in that sense we are free. After the parade, we ended up having tea with the crowd. We do exercise to stay healthy, but not just for looks but also for health. I play sports and go to the gym three times a week.

Magazine girl: Evelyn Scheidl is always a front-page favorite

Magazine girl: Evelyn Scheidl is always a front-page favorite

-What do you have to say about the controversial issue of plastic surgery today?

-They do not exist directly. Over time, I admit I did some touch-ups, but they were little things like the stuff on my eyelids, which is crazy (because I had five kids, the first three in ’80, ’81, and ’83 very close). I worked until I got pregnant. When my last child was born, my husband had a heart attack. (Fernando Diez, Botticelli shoe store owner) and I lost eight kilos in six months due to disappointment. It happened to him in Punta del Este.We moved him to Buenos Aires and they did three bypass, but they had to keep him at seven; they couldn’t do that because of the risks involved. This is very, very serious. He continued to live with a quarter of his heart, but he never knew it, we didn’t tell him. He lived like this for many years, to the age of seventeen, but they only gave him an expectation of five years. Maybe he was young when he left, only 61 years old.

– This wasn’t the only extreme situation he had to go through.

-not at all. I could write a book. That’s why I’m surprised when they tell me “how peaceful your life is.” In 2014, there was a fire in my house. This happens because there is a short circuit in the socket in the room. The closet was covered in wood and there was an electrical outlet in the back of the closet that caused the fire. I said it was daytime and I was with one of my children. If he caught us sleeping, I don’t know how it would end, a disaster. Within two minutes, everything burned. I overcame it like a phoenix, I had no choice.

Yesterday, today and forever: Evelyn Scheidl finds her place in the world on the runway

Yesterday, today and forever: Evelyn Scheidl finds her place in the world on the runway

-What was it like for you to get involved in the TV and film industry?

-Everything is very positive. I had my program, a magazine, but we made it, we had a hard time maintaining it, we weren’t employed, but I loved doing it. I’d love to come back, it’s a good pending account.I also participated lion heart and Guillermo Francella and Julietta Diaz.It was recorded at my house because I’m a good friend of Graciela Borges widow One of my sons is meritorious. There I met Marcos Carnevale, who invited me to participate in the film.I also produced a few episodes of the series Heidi. It was sacrificed.The producer is Marcela Citterio who is also a great screenwriter ugly duckling, Among other successes. I’m a stepmother. She told me that I was artificial and that I should take advantage of that. I’m very happy.I didn’t tell you that when I was 20 or 22, Pepe Parada made me Vedet. I said no.My husband won’t let me because riveter. All men still do, but now it’s slightly less important. Being an actor is already great. The star thing is just a proposal. But it’s also possible, like Adriana Aguirre, who was my partner when we were working together on photo shoots for magazines. claudia. Find out what career she ended up in.

– The TV series was remade in blondewith Marcela Tinaire.

-Yes, unfortunately blonde It didn’t work out and I stayed there for three years. I love Marcela very much and she is very good to me.

-Do you make friends with successful people on or off the catwalk?

– Of course, I love Teresa Calandra, Marcela Gottlieb, Silvia Peralta, Negi Galotti, Carlos di Domerico, they Left us; now also Claudio Cosano, Fabián Zita and many sacred figures. I don’t want to forget to say that I like Susana Jimenez, Racchi Legrand and Guerra Borges, and I admire her because she always has the right words. Sending my love to my three grandchildren, Santiago, 14, Genesis, 4, and Benjamin, three months old. Although they already know because I keep repeating, Hahaha .

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