75% of patients with oral diseases in Spain…

3 out of 4 oral disease In Spain they suffer from the following people over 50 years According to a report prepared by DONTE GROUP and the University of Murcia. Edentulous, periodontal disease and dental caries are the most common problems.

One of the most common conditions, Periodontitis, or gum disease, is also a leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Dr. Clara Esteban, Medical Director of the Donte Group, said the situation is in line with occurrence of cardiovascular diseasestroke or diabetesIt’s especially worrisome for the elderly because the bacteria spread through the bloodstream, which can promote heart inflammation, increase the risk of blood clots and worsen existing conditions. In addition, bacteria in the mouth can reach the airways, increasing susceptibility to lung diseases such as pneumonia, COPD, and bronchitis.

Over the years, older adults experience oral changes that can significantly affect their quality of life and overall health.

Oral health becomes even more important at this stage of life as oral diseases become more frequent aging teeth.Specific challenges faced by older adults with regard to oral health include Neglecting Oral Hygiene Due to acceptance of some unavoidable illnesses and lack of energy and vitality to maintain certain habits (such as regular tooth brushing).

“Older people must implement go to the dentist regularly, because oral health is closely related to general health and certain systemic diseases. In addition to addressing issues like tooth sensitivity and dry mouth, a dentist can provide individualized and appropriate care. ” explained the doctor.

Using certain medications can also interfere with healing, cause dry mouth, or worsen periodontal disease.

In order to maintain oral hygiene, it is recommended to check frequently, use an electric toothbrush after meals, and clean the mouth regularly. flossing for a full mouth cleaningReduce tooth sensitivity by rinsing your mouth often, caring for your dentures, and using special toothpastes.In addition, it is recommended rinse Use saline solutions and bicarbonate, chew food well to stimulate saliva production, and keep drinking plenty of water to prevent dry mouth.

proper oral care third age essential to ensure a better quality of life, prevent systemic disease And maintain optimal health at all stages of life. “In addition to oral function, the importance of aesthetics in the dental care of this population has also been recognized. This Implantology has become one of the most common surgeries performed on elderly patients, and not just for recovery Feature, but also to achieve a harmonious smile.In addition, more and more adults choose orthodontic treatmentbecause these treatments not only improve the smile and align the bite, but also provide health and dental hygiene benefits, Reduce Postural and Back Problemsetc.” Dr. Esteban added, “Preventing and taking advantage of these dental advances offers multiple advantages for maintaining good oral health in older adults. “

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