76ers vs Lakers: Where and when to watch LeBron James’ 2023 NBA games

andexpected to be in slats of NBA Confrontation between Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ersinside Wells Fargo Center of Pennsylvaniareplace 2023-2024 season,at this Monday, November 27.

Both quintet They are starting to take shape and are fighting for first place in their respective conferences. now local Just one and a half games behind the leader, while california They rank among the top six in the field The west.It should be pointed out that LeBron Jamesis that extra ingredient that continues to make history every time a point is recorded.

Lakers vs. 76ers final game

  • 76ers 113-112 Lakers / Sunday, January 15, 2023 – T22-23 / Regular Season

Lakers latest games

  1. Lakers 121-115 Cavaliers/T23-24
  2. Mavericks 104-101 Lakers/T23-24
  3. Jazz 99-131 Lakers/T23-24

76ers latest games

  1. 76ers 127-123 Thunder/T23-24
  2. 76ers 99-112 Timberwolves/T23-24
  3. Cavaliers 122-119 76ers (TE) / T23-24

When do the Lakers and 76ers play?

  • Lakers vs. 76ers
  • 6:00 pmcentral time Mexico

Which stadium do the Lakers and 76ers play at?

  • Lakers vs. 76ers
  • Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Where can I watch the Lakers vs. 76ers game?

  • Lakers vs. 76ers
  • Via NBA League Pass

Upcoming 2023-24 Lakers season games

  • Lakers vs. Pistons/T23-24
  • Lakers vs. Thunder/T23-24
  • Rockets vs. Lakers/T23-24

Upcoming Games 2023-24 76ers Season

  • 76ers vs. Pelicans/T23-24
  • 76ers vs. Celtics/T23-24
  • Wizards 76ers/T23-24

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