786,372 people have been vaccinated against influenza in Madrid

of the event Flu vaccination The Autonomous Community of Madrid has managed to protect 786,372 peoplein 22,167 people under five years old At least six months old. The last group was included in the program for the first time, which started on October 16 and will run until January 31.

Likewise, communities reported that they had received A total of 558,001 citizens have received booster doses against COVID-19which constitutes almost the same risk groups as influenza, which, in addition to children, includes: people over 60 years old, patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women, cohabitants of vulnerable groups, health and social hygiene workers and essential service professionals.

A total of 558,001 citizens have received booster doses against COVID-19

public network immunity primary health care, users must make an appointment with a caregiver. For this you have several options: in person, at your health center or by calling your phone number (select option 3); at digital kiosks at these locations with flu shot buttons; through the Health Cita app or Official portal of the Community of Madrid.

Also, there are other places where users can get vaccinated :CRegional Vaccination Centerlocated in the capital, 15 General Ola Street; Public Hospital of the Madrid Health Authority (risk patients); Occupational Health Services of the Health Center and resources of the Health District of the Madrid City Council.

Regional implementing agencies also work with Official College of Physicians of Madrid Vaccinate health workers. The latter, like the mutualists, received their third booster dose against COVID-19 at the Enfermera Isabel Zendal public hospital.

Caregivers are key to this process and have already vaccinated almost all patients who are immobile at home

Caregivers who play a key role in this process have been vaccinated Home actually All immobile patientsThat is Vulnerable Groups Who cannot go to the health center. Likewise, primary care inpatient care units have taken the same action in centers for the elderly and people with disabilities where these professionals are not available.

Accompanying these programs are immunizations against the syncytial respiratory virus that causes bronchiolitis. 23,757 babies Up to six months. Since the beginning of November, this service has been available at the Niño Jesús Children’s University Public Hospital through the self-service appointment website of the Autonomous Community of Madrid (no appointment required from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Fridays) and in the public maternity wards of the region.

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