8 GXVE products, the new beauty brand signed by Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has also launched her brand, let’s see GXVE products to recreate her famous fiery red lips or her iconic eyeliner line!

8 GXVE products, the new beauty brand signed by Gwen Stefani

“Makeup gives you the freedom to play the roles you want to play,” and so, after so many other stars, from Lady Gaga to Scarlett Johansson to Ariana Grandewas born just over a year ago GXVEthe beauty brand of Gwen Stefani which is already a hit in America and England. It is read “GIVE” (the X stands for Kiss and she also uses it in her autograph): the singer-songwriter and stylist, who worked as a make-up artist at the beginning of her career, fulfilled her lifelong dream and created a line of eye and lip makeup (plus a face primer) which is inspired by her famous make-up, made up of a line of black eyeliner (also blue, more recently) and fiery red lips. Distributed on the GXVE website and on sephora.com, the Community GXVEthe platform where consumers can interact and become sales “ambassadors”, as well as having access to Gwen’s tutorials and other dedicated content.

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Classic and performing: natural and sustainable beauty

GXVE debuted with eight products (lipstick, eye palette, eyeliner, eyebrows and primer, a light oil which, thanks to the addition of aloe, gives a hydration boost). Eyes (and lips) focused above all on him, the iconic lipstick, which accompanied Gwen in every phase of star life, from her success with No Doubt to her solo career. Not only reds, but also nudes, up to the most recent Bubble Pop Electric lipsticks. The products are all vegan and cruelty free, with refillable and recyclable containers. Let’s see the 8 most successful products of the line, for a real look star!

Original Me, the high-performance matte lipstick

Original me GXVE

A luxurious lipstick performance with a high color rendering and finish opaque velvety. You can replicate the characteristic Gwen’s red or recreate your style in luminous and nude shades, for an ultra-rich result. Among the nuances, in addition to the original red, Old School me it is a dark cherry color, almost magenta-plum, extra pigmented, while lovely me it’s a peach brown perfect for a natural and ultra-resistant style.

Anaheim Shine Clean, the Satin lipstick

Anaheim Shine Clean, the Satin lipstick

A lipstick soft and high performance with rich color rendering and finish satin smooth as silk. Available in bright and nude shades. Richly pigmented, true-to-life color in one step, one formula silky which remains comfortable all day, even if it has a slightly lower no-transfer hold than the previous one.

I’m still here, the vinyl liquid lipstick

I'm still here, the vinyl liquid lipstick

The third line of lipstick is the matte liquid lipstick I’m still herea clean, lightweight, long-wearing liquid lipstick in a finish ultra matte. Locks in color that’s smudge-proof, fade-proof, or transfer-proof. It dries quickly and stays on for a long time.

Bubble Pop Electric, the high-gloss lip gloss that gives you a shock!

The lipgloss high performance Bubble Pop Electric It has a rich, ultra-smooth formula containing spherical powders for smooth application and mirror-like shine. The texture creamy And soft melts into the lips, enveloping them in a comfortable, non-sticky luminous color that doesn’t budge or smudge.

Paint it Up! The tube of color for an artist eyeshadow

It’s the new one eyeshadow in cream, inside a tube reminiscent of a painter’s tempera, which lasts all day. It combines the performance of cream and powderenriched with an eye primer that prevents color from settling in creases or fading.

Line it Up, the waterproof gel eyeliner

A eyeliner gel pencil water resistant, with bold, high impact pigments. The creamy formula glides on smoothly and blends seamlessly for even, controlled application and high-performance color that stays clean and doesn’t smudge once set. Blue and black are the most iconic, perfect for recreating the mythical cat eye of the blonde Californian singer.

Can’t stop Staring, the lifting and lengthening mascara

Created for volumize each individual lash, the precision brush lifts and separates lashes at the root adding length and definition, without leaving clumps. The formula ultralight and vegan friendly keeps lashes lifted and soft to the touch, while the clean, deep black pigments stay on lashes without smudging.

Palette Eye See in Color, the eyeshadows in four multidimensional colours

GXVE palettes

These highly pigmented eyeshadows are selected to easily create complete eye looks in one palette, from naked thin allo smokey. Blendable, creamy, crease-free formulas deliver ultra-rich color in buttery, multidimensional finishes.

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