8 scents that appeal to your cat’s sense of smell

In the domestic universe, cat They have become loyal companions, each with their own unique personalities and traits. Among its unique characteristics, however, one extraordinary sense stands out: smell.

this smell ability feline 14 times beyond human capabilities, allowing them to perceive aromatic nuances with an intensity beyond our comprehension. This ability not only allows them to immerse themselves in a world of smells, but also to accurately identify which smells are valuable to them.

Therefore, those who live with these graceful animals must exercise caution. There is a penetrating aroma at home, aware How they affect well-being His lovely companions. As stress-prone creatures, they can easily become unstable, especially in the face of changes in their environment, and even a light perfume can trigger this imbalance.

8 scents your cat will love

Each feline has its own exquisite taste and exhibits specific preferences when it comes to scent. Below, we’ve listed a selection of beautiful fragrances that will appeal to the olfactory senses of your valued furry friends.


Catnip, also known as catnip, can irritate your cat. Photo Shutterstock.Catnip, also known as catnip, can irritate your cat. Photo Shutterstock.

The most important thing in this selection is a plant with really interesting properties.Equipped with a Nepetalactonethis herb shows anesthesia It stimulates the feline’s nervous system, keeping it active and sometimes encouraging atypical behavior. This unique scent is favored by felines with refined tastes.


In the wonderful sensory world of felines, Honeysuckle is like the opposite of catnip.This plant, with its unique composition, has Relaxing and calming effect On cats, a subtle fragrance is released that soothes their senses.However, caution prevails because Fruit can be poisonous.


As long as there are no external factors disturbing your feline, the scent of lavender can relax them. As long as there are no external factors disturbing your feline, the scent of lavender can relax them.

Lavender, on the other hand, is known for its scent that appeals to most mortals, but it doesn’t conquer all felines equally. Known for its relaxing and anti-anxiety properties, this scent can be used as a balm to soothe feline agitation. Using essential oils is ideal for relieving stress and, in some cases, treating aggression in our furry friends.

4. Olives

The olive tree is another aroma it has Anesthetic to cats. This effect is due to the fact that the leaves and trunk contain a component called oleuropein.


Equally important is thyme, a plant that not only lures felines with its scent but also promotes health benefits. Thyme has anti-inflammatory and calming properties, making it an ally in certain conditions such as conjunctivitis.Its essential oils and natural plants can have a relaxing effect

6. Basil, mint and peppermint

The aroma of basil can activate cats.The aroma of basil can activate cats.

These three plants belong to the same family (Lumiaceae) as catnip and are characterized by Perfumes and scents that cats love. They have the same effect as catnip.

7. Floral fragrance

Floral scents are often a favorite among felines.Floral scents are often a favorite among felines.

Cats are attracted to the scent of flowers, but Some are toxic if ingested.If you want a pleasant aroma in your home Best to use essential oils Than flowers to avoid possible poisoning.

8. Fruity aroma

The aroma of the fruit may make them want to try it.The aroma of the fruit may make them want to try it.

he some fruity aroma For example, strawberries, peaches, or watermelons are usually cat’s favorite. Some are good for your body. Generally speaking, citrus fruits are usually what they hate the most.

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