8 Tips for Enjoying YouTube

Many people have encountered this situation: they saw Videos on YouTube This is disturbed for commercialalthough the current is usually three consecutive, sometimes, Only one of them can choose to delete itwhile others have to wait for them to finish.

Unless the user has Premium Subscriptionthere are many limitations in the application, but there are some tricks to improve the experience, because constantly Youtube has been updated It has certain features to make it easier navigation.

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How to watch videos on YouTube without ads?

this is one of them most frequently asked questions For users, there are some tips to reduce ads:

  • Add endpoint to video link
  • Fast forward the video until the last minute, wait for it to complete and restart playback.
  • Loop

On the other hand, there are two other options designed for those who see Youtube On your computer, one of them is to install the extension ad blocker block ads, another one is Download app Youtube Vanced, will implement the same functionality as the premium version.

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8 Tips to Enjoy YouTube Better

  • Personalize your recommendations: Use the function “I’m not interested“on recommended videos you don’t like. This helps YouTube understand your preferences and Suggestions for Improvement Content to suit your taste.
  • Use dark mode: Dark mode will reduce the screen brightness, especially in low-light environments, making it more comfortable for the eyes. This makes the viewing experience more comfortable.
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts: For example, “K” pauses or plays the video, “J” goes back 10 seconds, “L” goes forward 10 seconds, and “M” mutes.These shortcut keys allow you to Faster, more efficient navigation.If you like cancel sound, the letter “m” is the one you should press; to go to the beginning of the video, which is the number “0”. Speaking of numbers, 1 to 9 can take you from 10% to 90% Video timeline.
  • Activate automatic subtitless: If you are watching a video a language you don’t understand, subtitles are very useful. YouTube offers automatic subtitles in multiple languages.
  • Use the “Watch Later” feature: If you find an interesting video, but you don’t have time to look at it At that point, you can add it to your “Watch Later” list for easy access later.
  • Custom notifications: You can set up to receive notifications Alerts from your favorite channels or topic of interest.
  • Use advanced search: learn to use Filters in YouTube Search Find exactly what you are looking for. You can filter by upload date, content type, video duration, and more.
  • Try YouTube VR: If you have a virtual reality device, try YouTube VR. It provides a fully immersive viewing experience with a variety of 360-degree content.
  • Another trick is to pill If you hold down the right screen, the video will advance to the desired seconds or minutes without switching Move timeline sometimes due to lack of accurate in her.

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