9 Christopher Nolan Movie Facts You Didn’t Know

Result Oppenheimerscheduled for August 23 in Italian cinemas, is almost there and has become one of the most anticipated successes of 2023. This biopic tells the story J. Robert Oppenheimer and his team of scientists race against time to build an atomic bomb to help the Allied forces win World War II. Viewers already know that they will never be the same after watching this film, and so to help them prepare for this cinematic experience, here is a list of 9 interesting facts about Oppenheimer From Christopher Nolan.

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The film is based on the events described in the winning book. Pulitzer Prize titled American Prometheus: Triumph and Tragedy by J. Robert Oppenheimer From Kai Bird AND Martin J. Sherwin and talks about the incredible journey of the famous physicist who led the work Manhattan Project During the Second World War. It can count on a stellar cast, starting with the main character, Cillian Murphy, reach the stars of caliber Matt Damon, Emily Blunt AND Robert Downey Jr.

1. Use of IMAX and Panavision cameras in Oppenheimer Christopher Nolan

nolan AND IMAX extension they are now a winning combination. The director has a long history of filming with cameras. IMAX extensionusing this technology already from films such as The Dark Knight. For this latest project, nolan he used both cameras IMAX expansion AND pan-vision 65mm, which has one of the best resolutions ever seen.

2. This is Christopher Nolan’s first R-rated film.

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Filmmaker’s last R-rated film nolan was one of his least memorable: Insomnia 2002, since Al Pacino AND Robin Williams. But after two decades of directing only films PG-13, Motion Picture Association of America appropriated Oppenheimer rating banned for minors due to the presence of sex scenes, nudity and slightly more colorful language.

This assessment is probably mainly due to the much discussed sex scene between Cillian Murphy AND Florence Pughwho plays the psychiatrist in the movie Jean TatlockMember of the Communist Party who was in relationship with Oppenheimer.

3. This is Cillian Murphy’s sixth film with Nolan.

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Cillian Murphy has a long history of cooperation with Nolanalready playing the role of a villain Scarecrow in the trilogy The Dark KnightWhat Robert Fisher V Origin etc. trembling soldier V Dunkirk.

But with this sixth project Murphy he finally got the chance to be the main character. In one of the interviews, speaking about his prestigious role, Murphy he said, “It feels like (a role) huge and terrifying. But if I took it as simple, I wouldn’t be interested.”

4. Oppenheimer The director’s first big-budget non-Warner Bros.

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After the big movie that was I remember 2000 Nolan released all his films in collaboration with Warner Bros Pictures. However, the director fell out with the studio after the latter decided to move the list of all its films due in theaters in 2021 directly to HBO Max (now one Max) on the day of release. There Warner Bros.. decided to try to bring as many viewers to the platform as possible while the world was still shaken by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented many people from gathering at the cinema even after the emergency had passed.

Nolan felt that in doing so, the studio was disrespectful to the cast and crew of those films by changing the distribution method without even consulting them, which strained the director’s relationship with Warner Bros..

5. Some actors didn’t know what role they would play. Oppenheimer

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Oppenheimer has one of the most incredible actors ever seen in a modern film Hollywoodamong which Murphy himself, actor iron Man Robert Downey Jr., Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Florence Drink, branches Malek, Kenneth Branagh, Matthew Modine AND Jack Quaidto name just a few.

But judging by his recent interview, Nolan decided to keep some of the actors in the dark about their roles in the film until the deal was finalized. To be a movie Christopher Nolanalmost every actor Hollywood he would accept the role even blindfolded.

6. No CGI, but real explosives for filming nuclear tests.

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Many on the net joked that Nolangiven his penchant for practical effects, he would detonate a real nuclear bomb to film scenes for this film.

This is clearly not the case, given the fact that even Nolan would not cause a cataclysm for the sake of cinematic realism. But true to his nature, the director refused computer graphics and used real explosives to blow up a miniature city during a nuclear test reenactment. Trinity.

7. This is Christopher Nolan’s longest film.

Moviegoers should really consider a bathroom break before watching it in theaters. Oppenheimer in fact, it now holds the record for the longest film. nolanwith its 180 minutes (three hours) even exceeding the duration interstellar, only 169 minutes.

Given the depth and complexity of life Oppenheimer and a key role in the creation of the atomic bomb, those three hours were certainly needed to do justice to his story on the big screen.

8. In Oppenheimer black and white scenes matter a lot

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Some viewers will probably wonder why some parts of the film lack color and the answer is creative. To talk to Total newsreel, nolan he stated that he wrote the screenplay in first person, which he usually does not. The film is told from both objective and subjective points of view. Color scenes are subjective, while black and white scenes are objective.

So the colored part is nothing more than a subjective vision of the event from the point of view of its main character, in contrast to the more objective vision that makes up the story, presented to us in black and white, like an old newsreel.

9. Cast Oppenheimer lived together in New Mexico

Just like scientists Manhattan Project who moved to Los Alamos build an atomic bomb, so the composition Oppenheimer during filming, he formed a real community, living together in a hotel in New Mexico.

blunt, in one of his interviews compared the experience to something like a summer camp. Although the actors lived closely together and dined together, Murphy however, he missed many group events with the rest of the cast due to the pressure he faced as the film’s protagonist.

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