A 60-Year-Old Instagrammer and the Secret to Keeping Her Belly in a Pleated Midi Dress

Valerie is my favorite Instagram user. Her profile became famous in her 50s, and she did so to offer ideas and advice to women like them who feel underrepresented in the media when it comes to fashion and beauty. Now, that has shifted quite a bit, with companies focusing more on older women than before, and Instagram users in their 50s, 60s, and 70s are becoming great references for many women. They want to look good, and they want ideas and inspiration that cannot be found in other fashionable women of a younger age.

Now Valerie is 60, and of course she has a legion of followers who applaud her basic outfits, her riskiest betshis tips for improving the way we dress and his advice, always accurate and full of emotion. And it is the latter that we are talking about her today.

Valerie shared a tip that obviously works for women of all ages, but there’s always more to it when it comes to the physical changes women go through at certain times in our lives. One of them, menopause. That’s why she wanted to make a video showing how to use a €9 Primark T-shirtbasic black blazer and white pleated midi skirt, you can choose from 10 pieces.

Faced with concerns that such a dress would create a tummy, Valerie proved that this effect could be avoided by using a headband, You can style an already beautiful look for work or out for a more informal occasion.

“A little styling trick that I’m sure you’ve seen many times before, but this is one I use all the time. I also use headbands on the front and sides of other tops.”

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