A backpack that stores clothes in a vacuum

This is a scene repeated every day at all Spanish airports. We planned a trip where our suitcases and backpacks wouldn’t fit, so we were paying ever-increasing surcharges for bringing an extra piece of luggage onto the plane. In addition to the viral space-saving tips when checking your suitcase, there is now a very interesting space-saving solution: Airback, a backpack that can hold 50% more luggage than usual.

It all started in 2020, when four young friends from the Netherlands “with the same passion for traveling and exploring the world” decided to design and produce a revolutionary backpack that could solve this recurring problem, using the best materials and The same principle as using household vacuum bags to store clothes. To do this, they developed a patented compression system that uses a small air pump to create a vacuum instead of a vacuum cleaner, which is included in the deluxe version of the product.

“During our adventures, we encountered a common problem: Desire to carry more than your luggage can carryWhether it’s a business trip, a holiday with friends or a mountaineering adventure,” they point out on their Kickstarter website, having raised €300,000 for their project in record time through a crowdfunding campaign.

“We wanted to create a backpack that could carry more without becoming any larger Eliminate extra baggage fee issues“, they explain that they did this after going through a process that was not without obstacles. The arrival of COVID-19 was an additional challenge, but they finally managed to give life to the Airback, which comes in four colors Available in: black, green, light blue and dark blue.

“After countless tests, we have made great progress in technology. We carefully selected Durable and sustainable fabric We carefully designed the backpack to ensure it met our high standards,” said the person responsible for the prototype development phase.

Air bag internal compartment

air vest

Omi Crono

The front of the final product features a minimalist design that reflects its creator’s attention to detail. The Airback has an ergonomic design and its technical materials are waterproof. Apart from, It has a handle with a digital display to indicate the weighta hidden pocket, an odor-free compartment, two USB and USB-C ports integrated into the sides, and a security lock.

Price goes From the initial promotional price of 189 euros to the deluxe version of 299 euros, comes with all accessories including a toiletry bag. The product is already in production and the first orders will be delivered from January 2024.

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