A boy ignores Lionel Messi and says hello to his idol during preview of Argentina vs Uruguay

In the preparation stage of the game Argentina and UruguayAmong them, Uruguay beat Lionel Scaloni’s team 2-0, one of the greatest teams in history. “pet” Those who have accompanied the players and been ignored Lionel Messi greet Emiliano “Dib” Martinez. His father captured the moment and the video went viral on social media.

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The video received thousands of likes and countless comments Tik Tok Uploaded by: @agusgalante12. In the video, you can see children lining up next to the football players. The first to lead the Argentinian front was ‘Pulga’, He greets everyone who reaches out to him.

A boy stands up to pay tribute to his idol during Argentina preview - Uruguay

Agustín’s son has become famous on the Internet. (Video: TikTok/@agusgalante12)

However, One of them let him up Because behind No. 10 is his idol “Dib” Martinez. The boy shouted to him and shook his hand. The world champion goalkeeper greeted him and the boy’s expression said it all. The publication received 69,000 likes. “Do you also have a son who ignores Messi and goes to fight ‘Dib’?”he wrote in the description.

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Pablo Maffeo receives a special Messi-related gift that shows his huge adaptability to the Argentina national team

Pablo Maffeo One of the surprises on the roster Lionel Scaloni For this FIFA date argentina national team. The Spanish defender, whose mother is Argentinian, agreed to feature for Albiceleste but did not feature against Uruguay.However, through his Instagram account, he stated Use your free time in the afternoon to experience life in Argentina.

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The Argentine national team had a day off after losing to Uruguay, and the players will return to training this Saturday afternoon to think about the showdown against Brazil. The coaching staff gave them time to distract themselves from the big hit and morning practice, so Maffeo enjoyed it.

Pablo Maffeo’s new shin pads feature photos from his life and career: Lionel Messi, the Argentinian flag, his dog and his family. (Photo: jfsublima2/IG)

The Hispanic Argentinian defender stated in his story: Receive personalized shin pads as a gift.In one of them you will see His crossover with Lionel Messi The game set his personal record and was another photo from his training days in Mallorca.in another they appear His dog, the Argentinian flag and a family photo with his mother.

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