A day on the campaign trail with Massa: Tours, stunts and hundreds of letters from neighbors

Sergio Massa and outgoing Gov. Gustavo Bodete visited Concordia University on Thursday. (Video: eltrece)

In an imaginary game of skill played not for beans but for the fate of the country, Sergio Massa I’d say he’s faced with three tough cards: Pandemics, drought and war in Ukraine. But on the other hand, there is no room for excuses. He shuffled the cards himself and dealt himself an even worse hand: Inflation, Insaurralde and Chocolate. And, with these three infamous cards, he must play. But Sergio Massa acted as if nothing had happened and carried on. What’s more, he spoke as if he had the width of a sword and thirty-three hands.

The scene was shown last Thursday in Concordia, a city in Entre Rios that has the misfortune of being the poorest town in the country. He is accompanied on the tour by outgoing Governor Gustavo Bordet and candidate Adán Bahl, an accountant and renowned accordionist.

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He arrived at 3:30 p.m. with a packed schedule: motorcade, meetings with businessmen, press conferences and meetings with retirees. A counselor told me that I had to attend the national convention at 6:00 p.m. Times were not given, but I never saw Massa rushing.

On the contrary, He connected with everyone he met. For a politician, this must be part of the practical playbook on the campaign trail, but he devotes his time to all of them. He saw it. He hugged people, shook their hands, listened to businessmen, responded to reporters and even danced with retirees. We didn’t meet any babies the whole time, the only thing missing was a kiss.

Ministers and presidential candidates greet supporters in Concordia. (Photo: Capture of El Treche)

I barely saw him complain as he climbed into the truck where he was to lead the convoy. It seemed like he knew about the topic and the box in the vehicle wasn’t the best for this type of trip. He did it anyway: since he could barely see ahead, he walked from one side of the truck to the other to greet people. Many people held his hand. Others, when they manage to reach it, hold a piece of paper in their palms.

The event takes place on Thursday afternoon. (Photo: Capture of El Treche)

At the end of the caravan, Massa’s assistant was carrying a large bag containing hundreds of letters without envelopes. They told me they answered one by one, I don’t know. I read several. They are very long letters. In some articles, they mentioned their families and their commitment to the cause. In other respects, they get right to the point. They asked for food for snack bars, “goods” for families, assistance for people with disabilities, and jobs. Not sure if it’s a coincidence (this isn’t statistical work), but what they want most is “plates” at home.

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in the notes we took tv night, There are all options available this election day. At the end of the tour, I played tricks with Massa at a retirement center. My partner Carlos and I were winning until the 8 came up and Massa canceled the whole match. I’m wondering if this is a rule or if I have to cancel hands that have cards that don’t correspond to the skill deck. But I let it go. Likewise facing Massa and that move, he could only lose.

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