A grand gala concert of the book “The Italians” by journalist Dario Maltese took place in Paris.

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Gala dinner at the Italian Embassy in Paris in honor of the book by journalist and TG5 presenter Dario Maltese, in which 13 “Italians from France” talk about themselves without filters like never before.

From Monica Bellucci to Francesca Bellettini, from Carla Bruni to Giambattista Valli: in The Italians, journalist, broadcaster and writer Dario Maltese debunks once and for all the myth of Italian-French rivalry, tracing the success stories of entrepreneurs, stylists, cultural and entertainment figures living across outside the Alps.

A gala concert of the book “The Italians” by journalist Dario Maltese took place in Paris.

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Three hundred pages with curiosities, biographies and testimonies of 13 Italians who made our country great in France: it’s called Le Italians the first book by Dario Maltese, published by Rizzoli and released at the end of September in all bookstores.

On this occasion, a gala dinner was held at the Sicilian Theater of the Italian Embassy in Paris with the participation of such famous guests asAmbassador Emanuela D’AlessandroMinister of Transport Clément Beaune, Minister of Justice Eric Dupont-Moretti, President and CEO of the Kering Group François Henri-PinaultSenator Christian Cambon, advisers to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and leading figures from the world of media, art and culture.

“The common thread in these stories is great talent 13 main characters of the book. Each of them represents an outstanding achievement in its own field, of which we Italians should be proud. Their stories show that through hard work, determination, passion and discipline, one can achieve high positions of authority and prestige,” the author explained during the evening.

After a brief dialogue between the Maltese and RAI correspondent from Paris, Giovanna Botteri, the event continued testimonies of the main characters present: from Pietro Beccari (CEO of Louis Vuitton) to Francesca Bellettini (President and CEO of Yves Saint-Laurent and Deputy CEO of Kering), from Vittoria Colizza (Director of Research at the Higher Institute of Research and Public Health in Paris) to Angelo Musa (Executive pastry chef at the Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris).

And again Giambattista Valli, designer and fashion stylist, and Claudia Ferrazzi, former advisor for culture and communications to President Macron.

Ambassador D’Alessandro did:tribute to the lives of outstanding Italians and men who in various fields have achieved the highest and most successful positions in France,” without forgetting the role of many French people who “recognize the value and have a strong belief in the creative, intellectual and industrial skills and professionalism of us Italians.” .

There was also a reference to the tragic situation in the Middle East in the ambassador’s words, who recalled Italy’s strong support for Israel and its unequivocal condemnation of the horrific criminal acts of Hamas, which have resulted in a huge number of innocent victims, including children, women and the elderly.

Next important meeting for “a book that debunks many simple clichés, as a sign of friendship, which today is even more structured thanks to the Quirinal Treaty, which in November will mark two years since its signing”, as described by Ambassador D’Alessandro, October 17 at the French Embassy in Rome.


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