a man breaks into his house from prison

Few celebrities have to worry about being welcomed by the police. A very famous case Taylor Swift. The singer invited her to meet three men who greeted her with cards, cheered her up and even came into one of her rooms. A situation similar to the one I wanted to live in Miley Cyrus. The singer obtained a protective order against a 52-year-old man who came to his home after being released from prison.

After this incident, following the publication of TMZ, Cyrus asked the court to issue a temporary restraining order against the intruder who broke into his home. Note that the translator explains that the content has been sending her postcards since 2018 in which he receives more money, writes sexually suggestive comments, and shows her his desire for her. “Obsessive behavior” that was “increasing” – 2022 began to appear only twice in his life in Los Angeles, from which he was suddenly kicked out.

According to the current website, the man entered San Quentin State Prison in December 2022 and was released last August. So my friend, having got out of prison, had to turn to the door of his house and force the singer to take the cards at the door. In documents they kept, Cyrus assured her that he had written her a letter from prison stating his desire to return home. And so he will have it when he rises. The only one who, as they explain, went with the guard of the translator, was quickly called to the police.

He fears for his physical integrity

Miley Cyrus also explained to the judge that the defendant used her direction to ensure her health, and that he wrote her another letter saying that if he didn’t answer her, “she wouldn’t care if she lived.” He therefore expressed his concern that he believed he had serious mental health problems” and “a dangerous obsession or compulsion.” Moreover, he fears for the physical integrity of his ancestor. Tishand new, Max Morando.

Finally the game has granted her an alejamiento order against this person, which prevents her from contacting her, pestering her or caring about any event in which she is present. Then you can go to their concerts. In addition, you cannot be within 100 meters of the singer, your vehicle or your car.

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