A message from a Cologne fan named Lionel Messi’s best player

red and black fan, Toto Inigoscaptured by TV cameras on May 21 this year colon and Central Military Campfollowing the rhythm of the fans, holding his two-month-old son Tiziano.

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That same Thursday, hours after hearing the news of his nomination, AIRE digital traveled to “Toto” and his family’s home in their St. Augustine neighborhood for an exclusive interview.Among other topics, “Toto” mentions possible connections with Lionel Messi at a ceremony that has yet to set a location or date.

——I don’t want to get you excited, but what do you think about seeing Messi at the European Awards Ceremony?

– I don’t know, I have to wait for that moment because I don’t know how to react. For Messi, look, I tell them, we are going to see Messi, remember, one day we are going to see Messi, I always tell them, today, look, I have been given a possibility that this It might be true to share something next to him, an award, nothing, unbelievable.

– Can you imagine a conflict with him?

— Yes, photo, yes or yes. I want to congratulate him because he is a great person, he is a family man, he is a wonderful person, we love him, we love everything and I want to tell him everything about Argentina.

—Hand on your heart, do you think you will win this award?

And, like I said, we’re going to leave it all up to God, and yeah, we hope so, because the reason we’re where we are is because of the people.

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Cologne fan Daniel “Toto” Inigos has been nominated for the FIFA “Best Fan” award.

— Picture yourself at a big event, with Messi looking at you and all the sports celebrities you can imagine, and you giving a speech like last year’s winner Toula did… What would you say?

I don’t know, I don’t know what I’m going to say in that moment. I was passionate about football, about Cologne, I was always focused on football and at that moment, I didn’t know, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I’m really nervous, I haven’t collapsed yet.

‘Toto’ Inigo’s plea to Argentinian fans

“Today it’s my turn, together with him, together with Tiziano, we represent all the fans, League fans, Central fans, River Plate fans, Boca fans, everyone is here with their families, their children, their daughters Stadium, today it is our turn to stand for it all and not to stand for anything, they support us and if they had seen how far we have come and if we could win, they would have voted for us,” the Colon The fan ended up making his request to the fans of Cologne, Union and all Argentinian football teams.

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