A new violation on the sixth day of the truce. Israeli boats bomb Gaza

A new violation on the sixth day of the truce. Israeli boats bomb Gaza

Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip (Archive – Associated Press)

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Although the temporary truce between Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip and Israel continues for a sixth day, and amid intense discussions to extend it, Israeli forces have violated it again.

Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath correspondent reported on Wednesday that Israeli boats were targeted with projectiles west of Khan Yunis governorate, south of the Gaza Strip.

From Gaza (archive – Associated Press)

Israeli shells also targeted the central governorate of Gaza.

Previous violation

This violation was added to a previous one, which occurred yesterday, Tuesday, when Israeli forces opened heavy fire east of Khan Yunis and Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, as well as on the Beach Camp in northern Gaza, and in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood.

An Israeli official, who asked to remain anonymous, indicated last night that if the truce is extended, it is possible that Israeli military operations in Gaza will resume or be renewed again.

Liberation of Palestinian prisoners (AFP)

He also stressed that the continued release of Hamas detainees “will in no way lead to a permanent ceasefire”, as reported by the American newspaper “Washington Post”.

Interestingly, Hamas announced yesterday that the humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip could be extended by another two days in the near future.

Behind the scenes, intense discussions and meetings are taking place in Doha between Israeli, Qatari, American and Egyptian officials, to extend the truce and broaden the negotiations for the release of prisoners to include Israeli men and soldiers, after so far they have been limited to women and children on both sides.

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