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Do you know the thrill that grips your back when you realize you’ve just experienced a moment destined for immortality?
The question is more than exaggerated, I understand, we are still talking about a player who played four games in the starting XI in his career, but what happened on the night from Friday to Saturday is rightfully a sensation. Although in a certain sense it is predictable and inevitable.
Almost forgot, let me be clear: after only two years at the Bay, Trey Lance was sent to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for a modest fourth-round draft pick.

Let’s fast forward the tape to justify the use of the adjective “sonorous”.
A couple of years ago, the Shanahan-Lynch duo sacrificed three first-round picks — in 2021, 2022, and 2023 — and one third-round pick in last April’s draft to rise to the board for the third overall pick.
After an embarrassing 6-10 score made possible by multiple injuries, everyone knew that these healthy Nines could fight for Lombardi even if the quarterback…
And then the first alarm sounds – we rewind the tape further.

For years there have been those who have treated Garoppolo as a kind of sickness, a divine imposition, a sentence to be expiated by the unfortunate unfortunates chosen at random by a goddess not so blindfolded: nothing could be more false.
It’s been a long time, and we may have forgotten, but the front office and Shanahan thought Garoppolo was the perfect defender to go all the way, and that’s the reason they spared no expense before snatching him from the Patriots – second round of picks to back up. ? – and then seal it with a crazy five-year contract worth nearly $140 million.
Contrary to what you might think, Garoppolo is not God’s punishment, but the first chosen one of the Shanahan-Lynch couple. This article is not about Garoppolo, so there is no point in speculating about how it all went. Or how it should have gone.

When they focused on the possibilities of Garoppolo, Shanahan and Lynch jointly decided that in order to make a decisive leap in quality, they needed to turn to someone else. That someone else answered the name of Trey Lance, an inexperienced defenseman from North Dakota who had what it took to turn into the perfect exponent of Kyle Shanahan’s athletic creed.
We are all too aware of the great importance of the quarterback, we live in a moment in history where winning the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson better fits the definition of insanity than utopia: I have nothing against aggression to protect a quarterback. your dreams.
Probably in a world where Bengals have already been covered under the center I would gladly sacrifice a lot of draft picks for the chance to beat Joe Burrow.

So the problem here is not aggression, but a clear inability to correctly assess the prospect in the most important position of the game.
I may have digressed, but it’s not out of the question that Shanahan is so convinced of the effectiveness of his offensive scheme that he’s confident he can mask every flaw in his quarterback and amplify his strengths: so it’s only natural to get excited about the idea of ​​being able to model in his own image. an unbridled talent like Trey Lance.
To put it bluntly, all the prerequisites for success were there, Lance is an impressive right-hander, capable of throwing that the good Jimmy Garoppolo cannot even imagine, but now all this is irrelevant.

Meanwhile, San Francisco tripped over Brock Purdy, a glorious mistake that saved what was to be another injury-sabotaged Niners season by flipping Shanahan’s offense almost perfectly.
Garoppolo is gone now, he went to the state in Las Vegas, and Sam Darnold will be Purdy’s understudy, who completely bewitched his coach: imagine, he even compared him with Steve Young.
Lance has suddenly become an unnecessary, classic third wheel, a third wheel that was idealized not so long ago to the point of becoming Prince Charming.
Everything went wrong.

It seems to me extremely incorrect to call it bust. I have no reason to dwell on the goddamned arguments, he only started four games and got injured in both seasons just when he could finally prove his worth.
The context in which this happened is not so ideal, I think it is very difficult for him – except for injuries – to steal Dak Prescott’s starting shirt by joining the team at the end of August, but maybe it will be better, maybe better give him time and let him work behind the scenes: what we can be sure of is that the roughing process is far from over.
However, define it bust it’s exaggerated, it’s not his fault that Lynch and Shanahan became so enamored with him that they did what, in hindsight, would be called outright madness.

Under normal circumstances, such mistakes are punishable by a full dismissal, but this is not normal: the 49ers are too competitive to undergo such a turnaround.
However, this remains a colossal delusion that they will no doubt have to answer for in the future when their position is called into question. As has been repeatedly emphasized, this is an aggressive front office who has no problem pulling the trigger when he is convinced of something or someone, and I wouldn’t like to call anyone who brought Kittle home in the last few drafts incompetent. . , Warner, Greenlaw and Purdy.
Their aggressiveness made possible a trade for Christian McCaffrey that pulled them one healthy Super Bowl quarterback.

This, of course, is not about incompetent people, but rather about gamers. The duo often act like there’s no tomorrow, falling in love with the player – or their perception of them – so much that they literally go to any lengths to own them.
This time it was bad, the next time it was good.
However, it takes courage to admit such a mistake so quickly, but I am sure that the presence of Brock Purdy will help make the pill less bitter: San Francisco is the team of Brock Purdy, and the deal convincingly confirmed this evidence.

In the end, it’s better this way, it’s coexistence.run a troika it wouldn’t do any good, especially now that Shanahan has finally convinced himself to entrust his fate to the penultimate Mr. Irrelevant, who even in this case, in hindsight, isn’t all that out of place considering he was able to squeeze out a handful of the quarterback game. in which the front office was too open.
They made a mistake, which will inevitably entail consequences, it is only a matter of time.
In the meantime, I believe the Super Bowl with Purdy will help alleviate the embarrassment and anger over the huge sacrifices made to start four games in two years.

There is nothing wrong with making a mistake, especially in such a difficult exercise as finding a franchise quarterback, but this is the second important issue – it depends on your judgment about The Garoppolo Experience – a mistake made in a ridiculously meager amount of time.
It is somewhat ironic that a player thus added can save them, almost reluctantly, because, after all, what is a seventh round pick for a team that sacrifices three in the first to only move up nine positions in the draw?
I think that’s why Shanahan and Lynch still have jobs.

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