“A season of fun and introspective performances at the Teatro degli Audaci”

“A season of fun and introspective performances at the Teatro degli Audaci”

Shows start 05/10/2023

Finally the curtain opens. Audachi Theater which will open its eleventh season on October 5 of the show “Ao” written Leonardo Bocci it’s straight from Danila Stalteri.

The press conference took place on September 12, and was presented by the artistic director. Flavio De Paola, who cut the ribbon of this amazing season full of surprises and lots of fun with great pleasure and pride!

Many guests followed each other on stage, including Paola Gassman, Rodolfo Lagana, Leonardo Bocci, Enzo Casertano, Gianni Ferreri, Denny Mendes, Francesco Branchetti, Nadia Rinaldi, Claudio Insegno, Patrizia Pellegrino and many others! Everyone presented their show with cheerful and playful jokes, inviting the audience into the hall and “friends from home” go to the Audaci Theater for unique and inimitable performances!

On stage, as always, there is something extraordinary Audachi Company which announced fun shows such as “Inspector Drake and the Perfect Crime”, “Inspector Drake and the Black Widow”but with the production of Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece there will be something to think about “The final”of which Flavio De Paola will take care of the direction.

A series of emotions and laughter before the announcement of the great return to the stage. “Toulouse-Lautrec and the dancers of the Moulin Rouge” and from “Andy and Norman”!

Between the applause and congratulations there is a rich buffet in honor of the opening and celebration of the eleventh anniversary of this very important theater with a final toast together with all the actors present!

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