A Seprona report denies the existence of Xunta and confirms the presence of norovirus in the river during the Betanzos gastroenteritis outbreak

A report from Seprona confirms the presence of norovirus in the river during the Betanzos gastroenteritis outbreakOpinion

a report stated seprona Just been sent to court Betanzos This contradicts the Infrastructure Ministry’s assertion that norovirus was not present in the Mendo River during the Betanzos gastroenteritis outbreak this summer.

Mayor of Betanzos, Maria BarralA report by the Civil Guard agency, based on an analysis carried out by Ogas de Galicia, was published on Friday and confirmed the presence of norovirus in the river water Betanzos drinks. These include those near the Oza-Cesuras and Curtis treatment plants.

Analysis carried out in June starting on the 12th consistently showed that some sampling points were positive for norovirus, sometimes as many as 7 sampling points. The report, obtained by this newspaper, also pointed to deficiencies at the Oza-Cesouras treatment plant.

Mayor Brigantine accuses her autonomous department of Ethel Vazquez “Lying” and “playing with the gambler’s health.” “We asked for active and passive analyses, but he withheld them from us,” the councilor said. He recalled that the city council had always maintained that the origin of the outbreak was in the river, while the supply concessionaire’s analysis pointed to extreme The situation: “Despite our public requests for the results of the Ogas de Galicia analysis, we never got them, and the MP publicly stated that there was no problem with the river, the problem was with the Betanzos network.” Barra In defeat yesterday, he also came down heavily on the charge that he had accused the Municipal People’s Party of exploiting the water crisis for “political” reasons.

Maria Barral read an opinion piece published by the group in Betanzos Merchant newspaper, which literally stated that “no trace of norovirus was found” in the river and accused the mayor of “confusion and deceit.” people”.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, which has previously denied that the outbreak originated in the river and has repeatedly stated that the values ​​were normal, now clarifies, after consulting with this newspaper, that the “norovirus values ​​not detected in Mendo are different from those found in other rivers”, “This explains the outbreak. ” Ethel Vázquez confirmed that the Seprona report provided no new data and once again pointed to the Betanzos network as the source of the problem. Remember that the Municipality of Betanzos is responsible for properly making the water drinkable and believes that the problem will disappear when the network is cleaned was resolved.

These explanations did not convince the Commodore Commission, which considered Xunta’s hiding of information in public health cases “very serious” and estimated the cost of the crisis to Betanzos at 800,000 euros. “We will stay the course,” the MP stressed.

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