A stark comment after the decisive meeting: Erdogan’s call with Biden

Bobby Ghosn, generally known for his anti-Ankara comments in Bloomberg, a respected American media outlet, wrote a great article and declared that the solution to the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza passes through Turkey.

In the article titled “Turkey is the key to resolving the crisis in Gaza,” “The sooner Biden contacts Erdogan, the better. The short statement issued by the US State Department after the two-hour meeting between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his Turkish counterpart cannot hide Apathy. Blinken was subjected to wagging his fingers several times during his tour in the Middle East to find a solution to the war between Israel and Hamas. But the finger shaking he received from Hakan Fidan was the harshest.”

Before the meeting with Fidan, Blinken tried to kiss Fidan while shaking his hand, but Fidan prevented him from doing so, which became a hot topic in the international community.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inspected the Ayder Plateau in the Camlihemsin district of Rize province during Blinken’s visit. President Erdogan, who came to Ayder Plateau by helicopter from Gunsuu district, inspected the renovation and restoration work carried out in the area from the air for a while.

He stated that it is also worth noting that President Erdogan did not meet with Blinken.
“Fidan’s rebuke and Erdogan’s rejection were well-deserved. The Biden administration, in its rush to find a solution to the crisis that erupted with the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel on October 7, and the devastating Israeli response, has neglected Turkey,” he added. “It cannot be “There is a solution that does not require significant assistance from Turkey, and the United States must make up for lost time by making a coordinated effort to bring Erdogan to the table.”

“It’s a small price”

The article, written by Ghosn, also said: “If this requires the US president to appeal directly to Erdogan and rebuke himself, then this is a small price to pay for the opportunity to save the lives of tens of thousands of people and many hostages, including Americans.” took over.

The article states that Turkey plays a crucial role in relations in the Middle East, and says: “Erdogan is the only leader who has formal diplomatic relations with countries on both sides of the war. Qatar, an important player in this crisis, hosts Hamas leaders but has no official relations with Israel, while Egypt has diplomatic relations with Israel but no contacts with Hamas.

Noting that the United States requested assistance from Egypt, Qatar and other Arab countries for ceasefire calls and kept Turkey at a distance, Ghosn said: “Biden did not contact Erdogan directly after the incident, and Ankara was suspiciously absent during Blinken’s first round of visits.” . So, is it too late for Biden to resume his relationship with Erdogan? Not real. He added, “Erdogan is very ready to participate in discussions on resolving the crisis.”

release date: 08:47, 9 November 2023

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