A woman in the United States was hospitalized with the flu and had her limbs amputated

The story of Shirley Moody, a 51-year-old American teacher, is shocking and has gone viral on social networks.

Last April, Moody began experiencing a sore throat, which he initially attributed to the common flu.

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Although he didn’t take it too seriously, it ended up being an infection that quickly turned into a battle with a more subtle disease.

Symptoms begin to appear. He developed vomiting, high fever and difficulty breathing and had to seek emergency medical help.

His diagnosis was devastating: double pneumonia caused by strep bacteria, which are known to cause throat infections that can progress to pneumonia.

Streptococci are a genus of Gram-positive bacteria characterized by their spherical shape and tendency to clump together in chains.

After several days at a clinic in Texas, her symptoms were so severe that she had to be put into a coma. The condition caused her legs and hands to start to change color until they turned black, so she had to have them amputated in June 2023.

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“My psychological quality is very strong. I just choose to be happy, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t have a crisis from time to time and cry for a while. But I won’t let it last too long,” the woman commented.

The teacher is optimistic and, with her husband by her side, continues to make progress in her recovery.

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