A young Chinese woman reveals the home remedies they use to treat the flu: It’s unimaginable

Some of the content was collected and posted by the TikTok profile @podcastersn1 interview What Victor Dominguez, host of the ‘Wall Street Wolverine’ podcast, did to him, Let a young Chinese woman know everything about her country.

One of the questions the interviewer wants to address is “Traditional Chinese Medicine”so he asked her some “things” she found “interesting” about her, such as compared to European countries like Spain.

“My partner Carlos told me that when he was there they told him, If I’m sick, I have to eat a lot.“, he added, giving an example. “Yeah, that’s right. “Not here?” the young woman asked in surprise.

Here’s what he said below: “There’s a really cool thing. The Chinese, when we get the flu, We cook Coca-Cola with ginger.You heat it first, then add the ginger, then You drink hot soup. “It works like a jerk.”

like he said, “The logic is that Coca-Cola with ginger will make you sweat, and when you sweat, your fever, your cold, will go away.”“. In fact, “this is the concept of ancient medicine,” he assured in his conclusion.

While some users are reluctant to use this latest Coca-Cola remedy, many note that “eating a lot” can help you feel better.

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