A$AP Rocky wore a grenade-shaped watch around his neck.

In terms of watches, Rihanna with a Jacob & Co. model tied around her neck as a choker represented the most interesting moment of the year. And no one understood this better than her (arguably) A$AP husband Rocky, who got a front row seat at this groundbreaking demonstration. Today A$AP Rocky, probably inspired by Rihanna’s idea, found his own watch that can be worn around the neck. In fact, the rapper showed off an “explosive” decoration. AMNY x L’Epée 1839 Exo Grenade, in video for RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n).

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The watch is the result of a collaboration between famed jeweler Alex Moss and the historic and creative watch company L’Epée 1839. It’s definitely outrageous: the grenade-shaped base is made of aluminum and set with 34.27 carats of diamonds. Production, according to Moss’ website, took three years.

The real novelty here isn’t that it’s worn around the neck (let’s not forget the Flavor Flav), but in a peculiar shape reminiscent of the World War II MKIII grenade. The trigger is ingeniously used as a time setting mechanism.

Moss and L’Epe 1839 argue that the Exo Grenade has a deep symbolic meaning. The watch, according to an AMNY press release, is: “the epitome of the luxury of time, which can be lost at any moment. Downloading this piece makes you focus on the present moment and appreciate it, because the present moment is the only thing truly guaranteed in life.” Some people use the Headspace app to achieve this kind of awareness. Others want a $150,000 bomb-shaped watch covered in diamonds. The second one looks much funnier.

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Lionel Messi: Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Apparently, Messi went to the US to do two things: score some goals and wear a cool watch. Messi has already had three misses on goal, which he combined with three Patek Philippe dreams. For her first game for Inter Miami, La Pulse took to the pitch wearing a Patek Aquanaut sports watch with an orange strap. This followed another Aquanaut from the brand’s women’s collection with a rainbow of diamonds, which Messi wore during the presentation of the press conference. Finally, there was a bit of a buzz this week when several watch watchers speculated that the footballer was wearing a custom-made Nautilus with a purple dial on his wrist. This was crazy news. Unfortunately it was just a joke and accounts like @InsaneLuxuryLife had to claim the error: “We need to clear this up because we’re not used to making such mistakes, especially on such an important watch.” Drama! In any case, even if it was not a signature purple watch, it was still a wonderful example: we are talking about the new Nautilus in white gold, which replaced the beloved 5711.

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Christopher Nolan: Hamilton Khaki Field “Murph”

Chris Nolan is a longtime fan of the Hamilton brand, beloved by the film elite. Director’s new film Oppenheimer, about the man who proves that pleated trousers are cool – thank you king – includes three vintage Hamilton watches. Nolan has previously collaborated with the brand, for which he produced custom pieces. the keeper AND Interstellar. Even the watch on Nolan’s wrist during a recent interview is a Hamilton watch, a replica of the one worn by Murph (Jessica Chastain) in Nolan’s space epic. The model is deceptively simple, with the word “Eureka” embossed on the second hand in Morse code. This is a reference to when Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) sends second-hand data to Murph in order to save humanity. How I love this movie!

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Sabrina Ionescu: Rolex Datejust

The New York Freedom Defender and Three-Point Champion can do it all. This week at Yankee Stadium, Ionescu celebrated first serve wears a Rolex Datejust: it seems to be his favorite watch now. The Datejust is the perfect first watch for a professional basketball player, and it’s a big step up from the Apple Watch she regularly wore. Having a Rolex also means you no longer receive emails straight to your wrist.

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Sergio Perez: Tag Heuer Monaco

Steve McQueen made the Tag Heuer Monaco famous by wearing it in the film. Le Mans since 1971. But this new special edition model – all black except for a few teal electronic touches – looks like something out of the ordinary. Throne.

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