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31 years ago today, the Shining Path terrorist leader was captured Abimel Guzmanduring an impeccable intelligence operation conducted by members of the National Police.

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It is recalled that after two years of investigation and intelligence work, the police of the Special Intelligence Group (GEIN) captured the genocide perpetrators in a house in La Calera (Sulquillo) during “Operation Victory”.

The house was said to be occupied only by dancer Maritza Garrido Lecca and her partner Carlos Incháustegui, but intelligence work by an elite police team revealed that they identified Guzmán Reynoso by his alias “Cachetón” as being there.

After 8 pm on Saturday, September 12, 1992, GEIN members entered the house and found Abimael Guzmán on the second floor. With the words “Cachetón’s positivity” his fall is confirmed.

Four female members of Sendero Luminoso also fell along with the terrorist leader: Elena Iparraguirre, María Pantoja, Laura Zambrano and Maritza Garrido Lecca.

Ten days after his arrest, Abimel Guzman spoke to the media in a cell in Lima province. He is wearing the number 1509 and a striped suit.

Also on a Saturday in September (the 11th), but in 2021, the genocidal Guzman died in his cell at the Naval Base Maximum Security Detention Center at the age of 86, a product – according to Kaya Russian Mortuary Autopsy 326-21 – Bilateral pneumonia.

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