Aboriginal girl dies in hospital due to lack of medical care

Aboriginal members demonstrated in front of the government palace, demanding that public hospitals treat Aboriginal people and provide translators to explain their pain to doctors. It is worth mentioning that the girl who died was hospitalized for 25 days without receiving care.

Author: Veronica Ramirez

Tepic, Nayarit; Tuesday, October 24, 2023. – The disagreement was sparked after the death of a six-year-old girl from Jesus María in the city of Del Nayar, who was taken from the mountains to Tepic General Hospital 25 days later, according to the leader of the Nayarit Indigenous Movement Braulio Muñoz reported that he attracted no attention and died of pneumonia.

The case came to light after an Aboriginal woman, pregnant with her dead baby, planned to return to her homeland by truck because she lacked the resources to pay for the funeral.

It took the little girl’s mother three weeks to get her minor cared for in hospital, but without an interpreter, communication barriers meant the mother was unable to express the little girl’s symptoms and presumably they ignored them.

“The mother spent 25 days taking care of her child in the general hospital (where the poor go) and since many indigenous people did not speak Spanish, we asked them to provide interpreters,” Braulio Muñoz said .

The indigenous leader reiterated that the minor died of pneumonia without treatment due to an inability to communicate with doctors, a disease that was presumed to have occurred because the girl could not breathe.

The little girl received little attention when her mother found her tiny body in a truck driving up the mountain. They gave her a small coffin and moved her to her home. This weekend, she was given a Christian grave.

But to avoid such unfortunate incidents from happening again, health authorities must have translators in public hospitals.

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