About 11,000 people in Aragon have suffered from some type of respiratory infection in the past three weeks | Aragon

With the arrival of cold weather, sneezing, coughing, and covering your hands with colds are commonplace. Over the past few weeks, Aragon experiences its usual seasonal peaks. According to the Ministry of Health, 500 cases of acute respiratory infections, which include illnesses ranging from colds to pneumonia, were registered per 100,000 people in September. In October, they had grown to 700 people and currently There were 819 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in November, which means that approximately 11,000 Aragonese were infected with this type of virus. within the past three weeks.

The most common viruses are upper respiratory tract infections, A lifetime of coldness, According to the Ministry of Health of the Government of Aragon.With this pathology, a total 7,411 cases (553 infections per 100,000 inhabitants).By itself, the incidence of suspicion influenza This is 165 and coronavirus disease, of 42.2 Examples.The most serious case, i.e. pneumonia, lie in 11.20 people per 100,000 inhabitants affected.

It’s a healthy scene” These dates are the most common”As stated by Luis Miguel García, Vice President of the Aragonese Society of Family and Community Medicine (Samfyc). “There’s no scientific evidence, but when the cold comes, people are more likely to catch colds. Last weekend, “The most common symptoms in the hospital are colds and low back pain,” Add to.

A common viral disease is Approximately four days of ascent and another four days of descent, that is, for about a week. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether the common cold is causing another, more serious respiratory infection, such as pneumonia. Everything is determined by evolution, and what starts out as a mild illness can turn into another, more worrisome illness if it becomes overinfected with another bacteria. “The longer you stay and the more illnesses you have, the more likely you are to pick up new infections.”Garcia said.

simple advice

Recommendations to avoid infection include Use of masks If you notice symptoms related to a cold or infection.Also, avoid getting close to elderly or cancer patientsas their chronic conditions may decompensate and even end up in the hospital; remember Wash your hands more often than usual And it’s better to treat a cold at home than to go to the hospital.

When you go to the waiting room, the most likely thing that will happen is that you will end up with something more serious. Therefore, to combat the symptoms of the common cold, it is recommended to use anti-flu medications, paracetamol or ibuprofen,” said Samfyc Vice President. “I’ve noticed that people are more focused on getting tested to find out who has a cold than on avoiding contagion” the doctor concluded.

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