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The news from the world of fashion business this August, usually a sleepy and lazy month, is in fact news frombuying from the tapestry former parent company Capri Holdingswhich includes brands such as Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo and Versace. An $8.5 billion deal has been struck between the two US companies to create a new luxury center poised to take on the European giants.

But we want to talk here not about business and finance, but about the immediate consequences that these operations have on the economy. fashion brand communication and it follows a fairly consolidated trend in the fashion system towards social media.

In this case, it happened that after the announcement of the acquisition operation Versace has completely cleaned up its official Instagram page, causing a number of rumors and speculation among fans, according to which the fashion house is moving in a new creative and artistic direction. A Versace spokesperson later told WWD that the move “aims to open up a new way to publish content on a page” that is closest to the magazine’s page. On Thursday, Versace’s Instagram account was uploaded with six new black-and-white photos from the fall campaign featuring models such as Gigi Hadid, Anok Ya, Angelina Kendall and Carolina Spakowski, photographed by Mert Alas.

To date, we can only note the not always linear relationship that many fashion brands have developed in recent years with social networks and, in particular, with Instagram, the cross and delight of digital communication.

In 2021 Bottega Veneta has decided to permanently shut down its social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) at a particularly timely period when, due to the pandemic and quarantine, many fashion brands have become increasingly dependent on social media and, above all, on the often obscure world of influencers: the same year showed that influencer scams cost fashion brands a total of $1.5 billion. He did the same later Balenciaga (today there are only seven photos on the Instagram page, which show some models from the autumn 23 collection), and then last winter Burberry with Daniel Lee’s first collection, already Bottega Veneta is certainly not a fan of social networks.

In short, in conclusion, many major fashion brands are distancing themselves from the social communication system of information sharing and interaction, but they are increasingly using it as a showcase, favoring increasingly one-sided communication.

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