Acapulco dust cloud brings respiratory illness – El Sol de Acapulco

The Port of Acapulco has become a breeding ground for respiratory illnesses and conjunctivitis due to The streets and avenues were sparse with dust after the rain.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, rainfall picked up due to the influx of moisture from the Pacific Ocean. Causing flooding in lower parts of the city.

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However, this has health authorities on alert as dust clouds begin to rise due to high temperatures. As vehicles keep passing by.

These dusts not only affect the respiratory tract, but are also a factor in environmental pollution. In addition to being a high source of infection that can lead to conjunctivitis.

To this we must add Garbage piles speed up their decomposition process and produce a foul odor.

even civil defense personnel Lime must be sprinkled, thus reducing the risk Health emergencies arising from these open dumps.

There are no official reports yet However, if there are patients with respiratory diseases, diarrhea, and dengue fever, care should be taken for discomfort caused by environmental pollution.

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