Access to the South Breakwater closed due to mass death of sea lions: they suspect bird flu

The city is on alert after a large number of lifeless sea lions appeared on the South Breakwater this morning. The main suspicion is a possible outbreak of bird flu, a disease known to affect a variety of birds but may also affect other animals.

The images were released hours before fishermen and tourists began noticing at least 10 dead sea lions in the area. A rapid analysis of the samples immediately indicated the possible presence of avian influenza in the mammals.

In addition to concerns about sea lions, the possibility of bird flu in the area raises concerns about the health of birds and even humans. While the spread of bird flu from animals to humans is rare, it is not impossible, so the public and tourists are advised to avoid direct contact with birds and other animals on breakwaters.

about bird flu

Avian influenza is caused by a virus that occurs naturally in wild birds. While these birds can carry the virus without getting sick, the virus can be deadly to domesticated species like chickens and turkeys. There are several subtypes of the virus, and while most do not infect humans, some can cause severe disease in humans.

Transmission from birds to humans can occur through direct or close contact with infected birds or contaminated surfaces. Few people thought the disease could spread from person to person. It’s worth noting that consuming properly cooked poultry or eggs does not represent a risk of infection.

Symptoms in humans range from conjunctivitis to severe flu-like symptoms, which, in the most severe cases, can lead to respiratory complications and death. The World Health Organization is constantly monitoring human cases of bird flu because of the potential for a pandemic if the virus mutates and spreads easily from person to person.


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