Acid diet, your ally in the fight against gastrointestinal discomfort

In my practice as a gastroenterologist and endoscopist, it is common to receive treatment. patient People reporting symptoms of heartburn and bloating.When performing an endoscopy, we discovered that an endoscopy is a thin, flexible camera that allows us to diagnose the true state of the gastric mucosa Injuries such as gastritis, ulcers, and reflux.An important ally in these recommendations is feedespecially with acid digestion diet.

What does this consist of? eating plan In addition to its therapeutic properties, is it also recommended as an adjunct to treatment?

An acid digestion diet eliminates acid-producing foods and increases the alkalinity of the stomach. Although it is indeed not for weight loss, it is still essential to rest the stomach and allow the mucosa to return to its original state.

Foods that create an acidic digestive diet:

You can implement this plan within 15 to 30 days. Let’s start with what is prohibited and must be eliminated: dairy products, coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, spicy foods, condiments, auxiliary condiments in tubers; cassava and sweet potatoes, vegetables and tomatoes. From fruits, pineapples and all citrus derivatives such as lemons, oranges, etc.

food contained in it diet There’s white rice, bread, and all the vegetables except for gas-producing vegetables like broccoli. Pasta and white meat, such as fish and chicken, are allowed.

In addition to this diet, it is recommended to discontinue the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

* Dr. Acosta Then is a bariatric endoscopist and director of the Bariatric and Specialty Clinic at Salutte Clinic in Santiago, Dominican Republic. He belongs to the American Society for Bariatric Endoscopy and directs the Happy Weight Without Surgery program.



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