ACRA supports COVID-19 and flu vaccinations and will promote them among nursing home professionals

this Catalonia Aid Resource Association (ACRA) supports new vaccination campaign The Ministry of Health started testing in nursing homes this week on people living there and professionals receiving vaccines COVID19 and influenza. We are talking about about 52,000 users and about 40,000 professionals in 985 residential centers in Catalonia.

Cinta Pascual, president of the business organization that brings together 70% of Catalonia’s elderly care resource entities, explained: “In ACRA we have always cooperated with government authorities in all vaccination campaigns and this time there will be no Different. We have arranged webinars with Salut and Drets Socials to promote the vaccination of professionals, which is very important.”

Pascual added that while the situation is far from what it was in previous years, “we have to be clear that COVID-19 is not gone,” which is why “we have to work hard to protect the elderly in places like our nursing homes, especially now that we’re just entering the fall .”

SIVIC data shows that COVID-19 cases in Catalonia have continued to decline since August, but 82% of those admitted to hospital last week were people over 60 years old.

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