actors and understudies toasting to the Philharmonic

Arrange an evening at dinner in a garden that looks like an oasis of enchanted beauty, add an atmosphere of a pleasant meeting of friends (celebrities) with the help of music and author’s theater. Et voilĂ , a party, however impromptu, is guaranteed. Many celebrities gathered on Via Flaminia, in Philharmonic Gardensin the shadow of the stage kermesse de Theater soloists Directed by Carmen Pignataro. The leitmotif is, after all, an occasion to get together and applaud the performance of an illustrious colleague. Actors, directors, writers, even many voice actors of Hollywood stars. All fans of the phenomenal film of the Barbie Moment would be happy considering last night was Marco Giansante, the voice of Simu Liu, the star who plays one of the most handsome protagonists Ken in the film.

And if the scene comes to life from prose and music to cult figures such as Mozart and Haber, then between the stalls and the aperitif area there is a bustle of meetings, greetings, conversations and toasts, ca va sans dire. Ennio Coltorti, the star of the scene, has gathered many friends, especially the voice actors. Among the fans, flowing dresses, bubbles and behind-the-scenes blitz, you can see Chiara De Simone, Lucrezia Miranda, who voices the character Inga in the horror film Midsommar, now on Netflix, and Federica Tusi, author and screenwriter, Claudia Razzi, director of Barbie dubbing, colleague Lorena Bertini , Roberta Pellini, voice of Charlize Theron, Simone Maury, voice actor of Viggo Mortensen.

Greetings Maria Rosaria Omaggio and Luca Ferrini. The young actor and director Sebastian Maulucci arrives, he jokes and toasts with theater and film costume designer Laura Di Marco, the actress Maria Cristina Gionta stands out with her partner Emiliano Ottaviani, an actor and songwriter, and they chat with sportscaster Gianni. Cherketi. Cheer up tasting Italian street food.

You dine on fresh delicacies against the heat, fried cuoppi anchovies with mango and songino sauce, spelt salads, salmon and avocado sacks. Applause to the two musicians Laura Baldassarre and Francesca Donati, the director Marco Belocchi, the singing actors Maria Teresa Pintus and Marco Zangardi along with the musicians Andrea Moriconi, Fabio Landi and Vittorio Cosmai. Historical actress and theater teacher Ninni De Rossi, honorary president of the Claudio Nobis Foundation Elena Croce and director Luigi Russo enjoy the evening. And who knows, you might think that Mozart and Haber are having fun too. From there.

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