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Bettina Looney: influencer, stylist, personal shopper and so on and so forth. We’re talking about an English IT girl with over 150,000 followers who shares style tips and more every day on her Instagram profile. Between photo session and photo session, a beautiful Londoner born in 1991 opened the doors to Westwing (and we are in TO) your love nest in your heart London. The perfect combination of different styles, baroque forms, vintage and modern furniture. And then again accessories with soft and sinuous shapes in a boho-chic style.

Bettina Looney is a fashion influencer, stylist, personal shopper with over 150,000 followers who, in the heart of London, has opened the doors to Westwing (and us in AD) of her love nest of soft furnishing accessories with a twisty and boho chic touch.Courtesy of Westwing.

To the question: “What prompted you to choose this particular house?”, Bettina Luni has no doubts. “When my husband and I chose this house, we wanted to start a family and for this reason we thought it was time to have a house that we could call Ours in every way,” she continues, “as soon as we saw this house, We fell in love with him immediately.” And how to blame her. In fact, this is a building in the very center of the city, which at the same time is enriched with a large green space. “I can say that this is a typical london house“. Being one of the undisputed queens of style, the question could only arise spontaneously: “Do you think fashion and design are somehow connected? Would you say that the style of your interior was influenced by your glamorous style? “I think fashion and furniture are definitely related. In the field of fashion, the protagonists are clothes that emphasize the shape of the body, in the same way, I think that even the furniture chosen for the home characterizes us as people.

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