Adam Driver as Ferrari in spectacular trailer for Michael Mann biopic

Driver will play the legendary builder, and his wife will be Penelope Cruz.

Adam Driver as Ferrari in spectacular trailer for Michael Mann biopic

01 Distribution reveals first teaser trailer ferraribiopic about the legendary Italian director Michael Mann and plays Adam Driver. The film will be presented at the competition Venice Film Festival and will be released in theaters soon.

The film begins with the roar of a Ferrari engine and alternates with various plot sequences that tell the story from the birth of a prestigious brand to its success in the world of racing; in parallel, we will also be following Ferrari’s private history, family drama, and the deep grief over the loss of Dino’s son due to a serious illness.

The events of the feature film will take place in the summer of 1957, when Enzo Ferrari is in crisis due to economic problems that threaten the company founded by his wife Laura ten years earlier. Their marriage also faces many dramatic moments and Enzo decides to try and find a solution by taking part in the Mille Miglia.

In addition to Adam Driver, the cast also includes Penélope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Patrick Dempsey, Jack O’Connell, Sarah Gadon and Gabrielle Leone.

Ferrari, Pietro Scalia: “Everyone thinks Michael Mann’s film is a biopic. This is wrong”

The same feature film editor, our Pietro Scalia, defines Ferrari as “more than just a biopic”, further enhancing Mann’s work as a director: “The film was shot in and around Modena in the summer of 2022. I had an editing room and kept a close eye on the production. I must say that Mann is a very precise person, he writes everything down, and for this reason I received pages of observations and directives that were not easy to read every day. He has the insane concentration and energy of a 20 year old.“.

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