Adam Levine swaps two Ferraris for a Maserati then files a millionaire lawsuit


The lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levineis the protagonist in these hours of the motoring chronicles following an exchange of vintage cars, precisely two old school Ferraris with a Maserati from the 1970s: the artist says he was exploited.

The curious story is reported in particular by Los Angeles Times which tells of how the good Levine has decided to give his own Ferrari 365 GTC/4 from 1972 and Ferrari 365 GTC from 1968in exchange for one Maserati Ghibli 4.9 liter Spyder from 1971a deal made thanks to the help of the classic car dealer Rick Cole. Too bad, however, that when the Maserati was delivered to Levine, he began to have suspicions about its authenticity.

Indeed the Ghibli mentioned above is a very rare car, it is rumored that in the world there are only 25 of them about: “The Maserati, referred to as ‘the 1241’ – writes the Los Angeles newspaper – was represented by Cole under vehicle identification number AM115.492.1241, the lawsuit reads. Also mentioned is ‘Real 1241’, the actual car which according to the lawsuit was actually sold several years ago to British luxury car collector Clive Joy and has since remained in Switzerland as part of Clive Joy’s collection, under the edited by legendary race car driver Christian Trabe”.

The lawsuit also alleges that Levine’s Maserati was withdrawn at auction in 2015after questions arose about where it came from“. But how would they have disguised a model of a car? Always according to the law on the lawsuit “numbers stamped on the chassis and engine showed evidence that these were aftermarket additions to the car“.

This is where it came from complaint by Adam Levinewhich reads: “Someone tried to make the Vehicle appear authentic by reproducing or printing a new chassis plate to make the lettering look more like that used by Maserati at the time, in an obvious attempt to convince a potential buyer that the Vehicle was #1241. Based on information and belief, it was Cole and/or his agents who made these changes”.

But then the Maserati of the singer of Maroon 5 what model would that be? According to the lawyers, it could be an original Ghibli Spyder with a 4.9-litre engine and modified vehicle badges to match the same powertrain. Possibly it could be a Ghibli Coupé with the original chassis plate removed and replaced.

In any case, it shouldn’t be surprising if the cars end up before the judges, given that there are several similar precedents that we have told you about, such as for example that of the tycoon who took the Ferrari Thoroughbred to court, but also that of the enthusiast of historic car that won a millionaire lawsuit against a garage, a story similar to Levine’s in some ways.

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