“Added 15 Grand Slams to my resume”

Venus Williams recently gave a witty response to a magazine error that confused her with sister Serena Williams. Venus shared a photo from the 2015 Auckland Open guide, in which her photo was replaced by Serena’s photo in the achievements section.

The Williams sisters are two of the most accomplished and influential tennis players in history. In total, they won 30 Grand Slam singles titles, 14 Grand Slam doubles titles and 3 Olympic doubles gold medals. The two have met 31 times in their career, with Serena leading Venus by 12 wins with 19 wins.

Venus showed her sense of humor when she encountered a magazine mistake that swapped her photo with Serena’s. She posted the photo to her Instagram Story on Friday, January 5, joking that she had quickly added 15 majors to her resume, referring to Serena’s career in the majors Excellent record on.

“When the tournament tagged me as Serena Williams in the tournament guide. I quickly added 15 Grand Slams to my resume,” Venus wrote.

Venus Williams on InstagramVenus Williams on Instagram
Venus Williams on Instagram

Williams was the third seed at the 2015 Auckland Open, having reached the final in 2014. She reached the final again, facing top seed Caroline Wozniacki. The American defeated the Dane in three sets to win the 46th career title.

It is worth mentioning that Venus Williams needs to add 16 more Grand Slam titles to match Serena’s 23 Grand Slam titles.

Serena and Venus Williams’ former coach says they remain close despite their on-court rivalry

Williams sisters attend 2022 history lectureWilliams sisters attend 2022 history lecture
Williams sisters attend 2022 history lecture

Serena and Venus Williams’ former coach Rick March recently shared insight into how the iconic sisters maintain a strong bond despite the intense competition on the tennis court.

Despite the latter’s transcendent achievements, March stresses that Venus was never jealous of Serena. He called them “two peas in a pod,” praising their unwavering support and mutual respect.

Macci, who trained them between 1991 and 1995, highlighted his sister’s early development and potential last November in response to a question about potential jealousy on X (formerly Twitter).

“Venus Williams was asked if she was ever jealous of Serena Williams as young Compton Comet got better. Easiest question to answer about the GOAT family. Never. Like in the world from Two peas in an unseen pod, and such an inspiring story: all of it,” March wrote.

Serena Williams ended her professional tennis career last year after losing to Ajla Tomjanovic in three sets in the third round of the 2022 US Open. Venus Williams, on the other hand, is still an active player on the WTA Tour and is currently ranked 419th in the world. Her most recent match of the 2023 season was at the U.S. Open, where she lost in straight sets to qualifier Gerrit Minning. .

Venus Williams and Richard Priest recall a match the seven-time Grand Slam champion ‘should have won’

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