Adele told the audience: “Shit*s don’t you dare throw anything at me”. Harsh words on Bebe Rexha’s face after phone call and ashes in pink

After various attacks and unwanted gifts on some artists, the singer takes a precise position: “She forgot the label”.

fan So’ pizz’ ‘e’ core, However, some people sometimes exaggerate and put them in a row and think about it adele at his last concert vegas, such as after the adventures experienced by artists baby rexaat which a bystander threw a cell phone in his face, or ava max The singer who was struck by a slap now sometimes fears for his safety: “There is a deeper fear inside of us than what happened,” he wrote on social media. kelsea ballerinaAfter that I threw a bracelet at him. But what did he do adele to avoid aggression or unwanted gifts Like a fan’s mom’s ashes being thrown at Pink or a sex toy made for Lil Nas X? simple, al Caesar’s Palace (Luxurious Las Vegas Hotel & Casino) A ‘T-shirt shooter’ targeted the crowd, or the same gun that picks up the shirt that he usually throws at the cheering public. And in very colorful language he explained: “don’t you dare throw anything at me, It’s time to stop throwing stuff at artists. There are people who do not know how to behave, they have forgotten etiquette.’ Then, looking at the ‘weapon’, he said laughing: ‘Perhaps I should return it.’ cute curtain (which was also a warning) was filmed and posted on TIC TocNeedless to say, it quickly went viral. Little is known about why fans are behaving so violently CNN He has heard from some psychology experts who have tried to present hypotheses. Some have pointed out that this attitude may be due to inefficiency after two years of restrictions due to Covid. Respecting the basic rules of behavior in crowded places like a concert. However, for others, the cause is found in celebrity: “visibility is sought in the extreme gesture of throwing a phone on stage, a moment of celebrity that is later captured and amplified by video on social media”. .

@etalkctv Adele addresses fans throwing things at concerts, “threatens” her audience with her T-shirt gun. , (????: TT/AdxlesGirl) #Adele #concert #WeekendsWithAdele #BebeRexha #AvaMax #Pink ♬ original sound – etalk

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