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Since November last year, Adele it starts with Spend the weekend with Adelewhich is what he calls his residence Colosseum In Las Vegas. Initially, the dates for these concerts were March, but after a good response from the public and the British singer’s comfort, they decided to extend them to November.

Who went to the concert Adele He knew anything could happen there.and the spontaneity and naturalness of the translator rolling in The DeepIn addition to conquering fans, she’s also been involved in popular moments like signing a wedding dress, revealing the gender of a pregnant fan’s child, or entertaining another Mexican fan by singing. morning As a birthday wish.

Well, the viral moment that happened at the last concert AdeleThe concert held last Saturday (October 28) was so emotional that even the singer himself started crying.

The first thing that surprised the public was that the singer dressed up as Morticia Adams About halfway through the show Adele He distinguishes a person from the audience who catches his attention.while performing a re-released version of his famous song when we were young“, suddenly shouted: “shut up (Shut up)”, walked to the man and hugged him without hesitation.

As the music continued, the Londoner explained that it was doctors who cared for her when her son was born. Angelothe result of her relationship with her ex-husband Simon Konecki. “Oh my gosh, Colin! This is the doctor who delivered me. I haven’t seen you in years. He brought my son into this world. I looked twice and here he is. I can’t wait Want to have another baby Colin, oh my gosh I should call you. “My son turned eleven a few weeks ago and he’s not a baby anymore, it’s crazy,” one explained Adele You can see he’s very excited.

Additionally, he joked at the end of the session: “I don’t want everyone to know they saw my private parts.”

Evaluate your place to live in Las Vegas

Last October, a year after he started working in the Las Vegas residency, Adele Sharing final reflections on over 34 nights of live music. She released a publication via Instagram with a video excerpt showing her experience on the show, and the British woman also wrote a text about the residency that changed her life.

“This residency, these shows changed my life. I desperately needed to fall in love with playing live again, and I did. I needed to reconnect with my songs and remember what they meant to me, and I did! After so many years, last year I stood on stage again and had such close contact with the audience. It was an extraordinary and heart-warming experience that I will never forget… It made me realize how much I love being on stage and that I am “I Very good at it and that’s 100% my place,” the singer admitted on her social networks.

Not everything is a bed of roses though. Because despite the existence of a positive equilibrium, Adele I also had some unpleasant experiences during this period. Spend the weekend with Adele. Sometimes he would make deeply personal confessions, like that he hadn’t had a drink in three and a half months and that he was bordering on alcoholism.At the end of August, the singer someone like you She collapsed before going on stage due to severe sciatica and jock itch caused by sweating from the waistband she wore under her dress.

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