Adjust your campaigns based on temperature or flu

The CBAT marketing platform allows you to personalize your marketing campaigns in real-time based on temperature, rainfall, sunshine, nine, flu or air quality.

January 2024 was warmer than normal, with more than 120 temperature records recorded and midwinter thermometers approaching 30 degrees. Temperature anomalies are expected to continue over the coming weeks. These changes in time and temperature no longer correspond to the seasons we are in, making brands’ advertising campaigns no longer adequate to the seasons.

If we combine these temperatures with anticyclone-increased pollution and increasing smog, the result is poor air quality.

These factors influence many aspects of our lives, including marketing. January and February are the coldest months of the year (allegedly), and ad campaigns focus on snow, low temperatures, indoor plans, or other themes like the flu or cold.

Therefore, a mild winter like the one we are experiencing can affect areas such as health (prevalence of allergies or respiratory illnesses due to lack of rain), fashion, tourism (the need for more coastal destinations), leisure, entertainment or dining.

therefore Permotex Corporation Introduced Condition-Based Ad Triggering (CBAT), a tool to increase conversion rates by including specific triggers (e.g. temperature, rainfall, sunshine)… Personalize ads in a more contextual way to make them more Correlation.

The hypothesis made by Pelmotrex is that promoting coats in Cadiz in mid-January would be inefficient if the temperature exceeds 20°C, while it makes perfect sense in Burgos where the weather is much colder. Therefore, CBAT enables advertising to be more adapted to current conditions.

The tool connects with different advertising platforms to activate and deactivate advertising campaigns based on weather data.

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