Adriana Laffan’s daughter confirms mother died of pneumonia

Two weeks after mother left Adriana Laffan, Marjorie Raffan talk cause of his deathBecause while at first the family thought it was the flu, as time went on the actress developed shortness of breath and a violent cough, and she assured her daughter that she would be fine. However, she left a void in public memory before we did. , as his face was one of the most common in comedy shows and soap operas from decades ago.

On November 1, the Screen Actors Guild announced the death of the 63-year-old actress, but did not specify the cause of her death. This news caused widespread panic, because although currently the projects in which Laffan appears are not as frequent as they were in the eighties until well over two thousand years old, the public has never forgotten his face and his ability to make people laugh, and then His appearance in the film. Works such as “Cachún cachún ra, ra”, “Carrusel”, “María Belén” and “Cómplices al Rescue”.

In that report, Anda didn’t elaborate on what led to the actress’ death, but now, her daughter Marjorie has broken her silence, speaking in an interview about the health complications her mother experienced in her final days. . . Mauro Godoy and “TVNotas”.

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According to the young woman who is dedicated to her career as a model, her mother contracted the flu, which at first they thought was mild until the days passed and the actress’ constant coughing breath began to worry her as she Not only did her condition not improve, her condition further worsened and she had to be hospitalized for 12 days.

“It happened very suddenly, like the flu, and we took her to the hospital on October 21 because her breathing sounded strange and she had a bad cough, (later) they gave us the diagnosis,” the youngster the woman recalled to the magazine.

That’s when medical reports told them the actress had pneumonia, which was weakening her body, as Marjorie remembered her mother sleeping more and more as time went on, Although she asked her if everything was okay, and the actress answered in the affirmative, her fatigue was undeniable, but also her pain, because Maggio wrote on social networks that her mother told her, She was afraid of leaving her family alone.

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“I asked him: ‘Are you okay?’ It was very tiring and I felt a hole in my heart,” admitted the young woman, who said she was accompanied throughout the process by her mother and her brother Emilia Nuo and the children also accompanied her. Rafan pictured with actor Jesús Arriaga.

Seeing the actress’ fragile health, Maggio recalled what she said to her mother: “You and I are a team, and I respect that for what it is.”

It was then that one day, while the young woman was talking to the nurse caring for the actress, she stopped breathing. “She stopped breathing. I walked up to her, kissed her, hugged her, and I told her I would always love her, no matter how physically we couldn’t face each other or hold hands,” he explained.

On her social networks, the model shared some of the feelings she has experienced since her mother left, admitting that she cried every day, however, she is comforted by the memory of her mother, who she said showed her love, friendship , family and unconditional value.

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