Advertising campaign Hugo Boss autumn-winter 2023 | Bella Porch

Hugo Boss Fall-Winter 2023 Advertising Campaign – This season’s motto is #HUGOYourWay takes on a new meaning. Autumn winter 2023 2024 Hugo line enters the music scene, creating a synchrony between music and fashion and introducing new means of communication and rebellion to its community. For the next collection, Hugo relies on artists such as Bella Porch and about other musical performers demonstrating their talents.

Bella Poarch is one of the faces of the Fall/Winter 2023 campaign and the new capsule collection. Hugo x Bella Poarch it is currently under development. With the launch of this creative campaign, Hugo combines the energy of music with individualism, self-expression and style, further reinforcing the #HUGOYourWay brand motto.

Instagram, TikTok and YouTube are platforms for a social media campaign that includes a wide range of organic content motivated by the campaign’s overall musical message. ambassadors Chase Hudson, Chiara Hovland, Ashley Moore, Lola Clark and William Ernult they will post content on both Instagram and TikTok with denim look campaigns autumn winter 2023 2024.

The collection contains a number of youth textures, fabrics and styles, all complemented by familiar Hugo design codes and colorways. The iconic Hugo logo adorns fashion and accessories, reminding the wearer of the brand’s ethos of authenticity, originality and eccentricity.

The collection includes Hugo red and black tie-dye print on denim and jersey, precious metal trim on bags, and retro graphics on oversized t-shirts and hoodies. A palette of indigo blue, lavender and caramel brown complements and enhances Hugo’s iconic colors of black, white and red.

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