Advisory on rising incidence of respiratory diseases in Camargo and the region

Ceferino Torres García, deputy director of Camargo-VI Health Region, confirmed that due to the cooler temperatures in recent weeks, it is known that there has been an increase in consultations for respiratory diseases.

This does not mean that citizens should worry, but it means that people should increasingly take care of themselves, especially infants and the elderly.

“The weather has been a bit cooler and we are seeing a high rate of respiratory illness from the common cold in children and the elderly, although so far there have been no serious symptoms,” he said.

The main advice is to get vaccinated and not expose yourself to temperature changes or stay outside for too long.

Likewise, you are advised to eat well, drink plenty of fluids, and not self-medicate if you experience any symptoms.

That’s not all, he also commented that any type of method people would use to avoid the cold could put people at risk including poisoning, fire and greater tragedy due to insufficient ventilation.

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