After Jamie Lee Curtis, Justin Bieber confuses Israel with Gaza in Instagram post and deletes it

Canadian singer and pop sensation Justin Bieber is currently facing backlash due to a recent social media post during the conflict between Israel and Hamas. While trying to show his support for Israel on Instagram, he accidentally shared a photo of the ruins of Gaza.

Realizing his mistake, he promptly deleted the post and re-shared his message.


It looks like Justin Bieber would benefit from having a fact-checking team. After a similar mistake by Jamie Lee Curtis when he shared photos of Palestinian children with a caption supporting Israel, Justin Bieber has now made the same confusion between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

  • On October 11, Justin initially posted the message “Praying for Israel” on his Instagram Story along with an image of the destruction in the Gaza Strip.
  • However, upon recognizing the mistake, he quickly deleted the post and replaced it with a new one.

  • The edited post simply read: “Praying for Israel,” accompanied by a grief emoji, without any accompanying photo.

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Reaction on social networks

As a result of this mistake, Justin received a lot of criticism on social media, especially on Twitter and in the comments of his Instagram.

He previously shared an Instagram story in which he expressed his sympathy for both his Israeli and Palestinian friends, expressing his reluctance to denigrate an entire population. He stressed the importance of supporting families affected by the conflict.

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Posted by Jamie Lee Curtis

This incident follows a similar scandal involving American actress Jamie Lee Curtis. On October 8, Curtis shared a photo from Gaza in a post expressing support for Israel, but later deleted the post.

Curtis used an Instagram post to express her solidarity with Israel, which included an image of children running and one boy carrying a little girl. The caption included the words “Terror in the Sky” and an Israeli flag emoji.

Check out her old post:

Read more about the war HERE.

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