After leaving hospital, Diego Locco talks about his health: I’m 6.50

The truth is, on Monday, he returned to LUZU TV’s “Before Nobody” show to explain what happened and how he felt. “I’m 6.50”’, he explained, adding: “I’m sorry to start this way, but I’m calculating because a very important situation has arisen in terms of information. “

Diego Locco hospitalized

Diego Leuco explained his health condition after sharing a photo of him in the hospital on Saturday night.

“When Sophie uploaded these stories, I said ‘oops, a riot is going to start’ and then it happened, which is logical, and it’s our fault for uploading what we upload,” Luko said. And recalled: “I came home and said, ‘I’m tired, I’m going to take a shower and go to bed.’ And I went to bed…” he said.

“Woke up on Saturday, after a lot of sleep and already feeling bad, I went to the Aeroparque to find Sofia. We were supposed to go out to eat, but unfortunately the food took an hour and a half,” he continued, explaining, adding He said he decided to consult a professional after experiencing a fever for several hours.

In response, he said: “Obviously going, because I have a fever of over 38 degrees, which makes me completely dehydrated.”. They did a blood test and a chest x-ray because at one point they thought it was pneumonia and they gave me four liters of serum but I didn’t pee. “. Finally at 10am on Sunday, they released him: “Through serum and medicine I awoke”.

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